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Scentsy Buddy Review and Giveaway!

 I've been teasing this giveaway for a while now...enjoy!

As a few months ago I had never really heard of Scentsy, even though it's definitely gaining in popularity.  I'm a Yankee Candle girl.  The big factory store in Deerfield, MA is only about an hour north of us, and we've made many pilgrimages.  I can use coupons at the mall.  I LOVE my Yankee Candles.

However, there is now a wall in my bathroom that needs to be repainted because of the soot that one of the candles put out.  Not cleaned, not scrubbed.  Repainted.  I looked on Pinterest, I looked at Heloise, and I've tried different chemicals, as well as natural remedies (FYI: don't do any of this.  You will only make things worse.  Trust me).  Pretty much everything agrees that we're screwed.  Since painting sounds like a giant pain, we hung a pretty wreath on that wall and it draws the eye away from the mess.

Still though, I love my Yankee Candles.

But the girls on my message board have really embraced Scentsy.  They've been raving about the warmers being much safer with small kids (no flame), and safer in general since you don't need to remember to blow them out - we all have some degree of mommy brain.  They rave about the scents, rave about how cute the warmers are.  There's no soot to worry about, and anything that helps me avoid massive cleaning is tempting.  Several of the girls are now consultants, so there's always an undercurrent of Scentsy talk.

And I was pretty skeptical.  I'm not big into direct sales stuff.  I really don't like the new wave of "online parties".  I hosted one party in my house, and I was definitely impressed with my hostess rewards, but I hosted a party.  I made a light dinner, I made dessert, I had drinks, and everyone had a great time.  I looked into selling that particular product a few times, but I ultimately decided I wasn't that passionate about it.  I feel bad asking people to read my blog.  I cringed every time I asked for Circle of Moms votes.  There was no way that I could continuously hawk anything to my family and friends.

By the way, I have many friends who are direct sellers for many different companies.  I'm honestly not bothered by you.  If I'm not interested, I scroll on.  I'm just saying that isn't MY personality.

A few weeks ago I was reading another blog and it happened to be a full bore Scentsy review.  This blogger was raving about the scents.  I jokingly linked to it on our board and tagged the girls who are consultants.  And I jokingly offered to do a review whenever they were interested.

Well, one girl, the first consultant our group had, immediately called my bluff.  Traci sent me her website and told me to look around for what I thought I could review and giveaway.  The more I looked, the more intrigued I got.  I would have loved to review a warmer, but I have two little girls who adore cords and plugs and outlets, and I was a little concerned about where I could plug it in.  Therefore, I decided to go the full mommy route.  Instead of reviewing something for ME, I decided to review something for the girls.  Something adorable Scentsy has for kids called the Scentsy Buddy.

Within a few days, I received two buddies, as well as an ENORMOUS bag of testers.  Eighty-seven scents to be exact (and this isn't even all the scents that they have).

When I sent Traci a message to tell her they'd arrived, I said "Holy Cow!!"  I don't know what I was expecting, but this was a crazy amount of fragrance!

Ollie the Elephant is adorable.  A cute and cuddly stuffed animal.  Ollie has a zipper up the back where you insert a scent pack.  I am both incredibly picky and incredibly indecisive about scents, AND I didn't have the testers, so I confessed my idiosyncrasies to Traci and trusted her to pick a scent that I could really enjoy.

Traci picked an awesome scent (more on that later) and I decided that our Ollie would become Reagan's.

1) Second child needs some love.
2) Reagan's nursery houses the diaper pail.
3) Reagan can't work zippers yet.

(Long story short...Baby in diapers + stinky poop = smelly nursery.  The diaper pail is great, but that doesn't mean the scent is gone.  And her lack of zipper dexterity means that the scent pack will stay firmly INSIDE Ollie, where it belongs).

Ollie smells delicious.  Reagan loves having him in the crib with her, and the nursery smells awesome.  Madison is insanely jealous.  She adores elephants and wants an Ollie for herself (again, high praise from the two year old!).  I told her if she could be a good girl and promise to keep Ollie zipped, she could borrow him for a night.  She was thrilled and kept sniffing deeply, saying "Oh Mommy, this is wonderful".

I refuse to plug anything on this blog that I don't personally love, and I'm going to go ahead and give these Buddies a BIG time plug for anyone who has kids.  Even if you don't, a buddy would be a really cute addition to a couch, or a spare bed, to infuse the room with a light, delicious scent of your choosing.  I went into this a complete skeptic, and now I'm a HUGE fan and desperate to try a warmer for myself.

I'm being good since Santa was extremely generous to the girls and needs to watch himself for the next month or so.  But I do have a birthday in a few weeks!

Onto the scents.  I smelled all eighty-seven scents.  I'm a big dork, so I separated them into their categories (Favorites, Fall and Winter, Corner Cafe, Man, Romance, Spa, Seven Seas, and Holiday).  I made a spreadsheet with all the fragrance names and put three columns next to each: Love, Like, Hate. 

I actually did keep them very organized.  I had to!

Admittedly, there were a few that I put in my "hate" column.  However, if you remember from a previous post, I despise the smell of vanilla.  Since most people love vanilla, it's a key component of many fragrances, and that kind of ruined those for me.  I'm also not a huge coconut or maple fan, and those appeared a few times as well.  Actually most of the Corner Cafe category was a miss for me.  The scents were dead on (blueberry cheesecake, french toast) but they weren't anything I could see myself wanting my house to smell like.  At least not if we weren't actively eating those things.  There were also two that smelled exactly like baby powder or laundry detergent.  Not a bad smell, but I can get those smells for free.  Most of the scents I didn't like fit into these categories - just not what I'd want my house to smell like.  But there were a couple of scents that included vanilla that I was pleasantly surprised by though (Black Raspberry Vanilla wasn't overbearingly sweet) and there was one with coconut (Coconut Lemongrass) that just smelled like vacation.

I also found that I really loved the Man scents!  Clean, spicy, subtle...I was a huge fan.  As was Adam.

I obviously won't mention every single scent.  I had a really tough time narrowing down my favorites!  But my top 20, and those I'd really recommend, are:

My Dear Watson
My Home
Perfectly Pomegranate
Skinny Dippin (Ollie's scent!  Good choice Traci!)
Sunkissed Citrus
Welcome Home
Autumn Sunset (what can I say...I'm a sucker for fall scents no matter what time of year).
Whiteout (I LOVE peppermint and this one didn't have any icky vanilla).
Cinnamon Bear
Black Ruby (despite the vanilla!)
Cozy Fireside
Clove and Cinnamon
Just Breathe (So relaxing!)
Transcendence (Ditto...both of these were very aptly in the Spa category)
Camu Camu
Amalfi Coast
Paradise Punch
Kahiko Hula

Overall, I was very impressed, and completely overwhelmed, by my first Scentsy experience.  I see what these ladies were talking about.  If you love scented candles, but aren't a big fan of soot, flame, whatever, this is definitely a good way to go.  In a house with small children, where the smell of bodily fluids can easily overwhelm, this makes your house smell clean and classy, even if it doesn't look that way.

Traci is an amazing mom and saleswoman and I'm really thankful she called my bluff and gave me this opportunity.  This woman works harder than anyone I've ever seen to provide for her family.  Definitely head on over to her website and check this stuff out for yourself.  They've got a few promos going on right now (well, January, but I'm counting that as "now").  Double hostess rewards in January and the BBMB (bring back my bar) promotion.  The warmer of the month is always 10% off.

Also, these buddies will be discontinued at the end of February and a new line will roll out!  Snag the ones you really want before they're gone.

Ok, here it is!

I am giving away an Ollie the Elephant Buddy - brand new in the box (not the one my girls have slept with), as well as ONE scent pack.

Here's how this giveaway works:

All my followers (pictured on the right side) AUTOMATICALLY get one entry.  (Yes, you can follow me anonymously and I'll still count you.  Just shoot me an email and let me know.  I'll trust you.)

All those who have liked my page on Facebook AUTOMATICALLY get one entry.

Those who leave a comment on my Facebook page referencing this post,receive ONE additional entry.

Those who leave a comment on this blog post receive ONE additional entry.

Finally, those who head on over to Traci's Facebook page and like it receive one additional entry.  Comment and let Traci know I sent you over!

Winner will be selected January 6 at 8:00 pm EST.  If you win and don't want to claim the prize...well, I think you're silly, but that's fine.  A runner up will be drawn.

If you don't want to wait to get a buddy of your own, visit Traci's Scentsy page to order!

Disclosure: I was sent the above featured products directly from this representative. I was not monetarily compensated for facilitating this review. All opinions expressed are my own. Your experience with these products may differ.


Laru907 said...

Ok I'm adding a comment for an additional entry. Plus I must add that I just love reading your blogs. They are so well written!

Sherry said...

Nice to read a review from someone who isn't selling them!!

amkirchwehm said...

Thanks for the review, they have always peaked my interest.

Heather Abbott said...

Oh oh, I love the elephant!

Marie Starski said...

If I don't win, I'll probably buy one (at least). You know me!!!

Marie Starski said...

P.S. There are now tips put out from Yankee Candle and there are ways to not have it generate soot. (short wick, for one thing). Just paint the one wall; nice to have contrasting walls.

Becky said...

I love ollie! The girls would love that in their room!

Rebecca said...

This is adorable! I hope my little kiddos win an Ollie!

Malama Boo said...

Another great blog post! You're kicking butt girl! Thank you for the detailed review..excited about the giveaway, I even found your page on FB (which I honestly didn't know about till today when I caught up on some blog reading!)

Katie said...

I have a few online friends who are Scentsy consultants but I've never tried it. Ollie is adorable and I like the idea of a kid-friendly scent.

Meredith Ziegler said...

This sounds like an exciting product's to my additional entry!

Megan Nickelson said...

The scentsy buddy sounds amazing! My daughter's room also houses our diaper pail and smells awful! The fact that it's kid friendly is an added bonus!

Rondah S said...

thanks for the chance! I've liked you on Fb and follow GFC
rjs682 at yahoo dot com

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