Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Mini post...more quotes

My evenings have NOT been free for blogging lately, and there's really no chance to do anything when two little girls are up during the day, so I haven't managed to get a post up in almost a week.  My GOAL (haha) is to get a new reflection up tonight, but in the meanwhile...

Saturday was a very busy day of playing and socializing.  In the evening, we headed to Reagan's godparents' (my best friend and her family) house to eat and play with her two little boys, as well as another family.  The evening was FULL of amusing quotes.  Here are some choice ones from the parents....

"We wear pants when we play with friends.  That is a rule.  Please stop taking your pants off".

"Take your trumpet and pliers and get OUT of Hunter's bed please".

"Watch out for that spot.  Wyatt just "watered" that tree".

"Madison, when a little boy rips his hand away from you, it means he doesn't want to hold hands now.  Please don't tackle him".

"Yeah, that sound just came from Hunter's room.  All the kids are in there.  But I'm making the choice not to check on them.  How bad could it be?"

"We don't run around naked in other people's houses". 


"Do you want to join your friends and spin around in your diaper too?"

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