Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Moments Becoming Milestones

My girls are really growing up.

We've had so many milestones that are MAJOR ones lately.  It's sort of shocking to me.  Sometimes it seems like I've been a mom forever, sometimes I feel like I was just cradling my first newborn baby.  But today it really seemed to hit me that they're charging out of the baby days.

Reagan is a walker.  Not cruising, not taking steps, not staggering.  Full on walking.  I hesitated and hesitated to "claim" this milestone.  I kept telling people that she was walking but not a full on walker.  Somehow that made me feel she was still more of a baby, and not quite as toddler-y.  But she walks most of the time yet, can crouch down and pick up a toy, and go right back up.

She's a walker.

I'm terrified to say this, but Madison is potty trained.  The only accident she's had in the past week was because she was stuck on the piano bench while I was getting Reagan down for a nap, and I couldn't catch help her fast enough.  The reason I'm terrified is that she's already regressed once after I was feeling pretty confident, but something feels different this time.  I think she's really got it.

She's diaper free.

These both feel like big deal moments to me.  I've gone from a mom of a baby and a toddler, to a mom of (basically) a toddler and a preschooler. 

Reagan doesn't use a high chair and is eating all table food.  She's a walker.  She climbs stairs and almost climbed out of the bathtub tonight.  Granted, she's still teeny-tiny, has two teeth, and doesn't talk yet.  But she's growing up. 

Madison tells stories, sings songs, knows all her letters and can count to 20.  She takes dance class and goes to "school" without me. She can recognize and spell her name.  Today she told me she wants to learn to read and blew me away with her pre-literacy concepts.  Granted, she sleeps in a crib, needs help getting dressed, and loves to be carried (if she can find someone who'll do it). She still "writes" and "draws" with scribbles.  But she's growing up too.

I'm planning a first birthday party.

I set up preschool visits today.


It feels like both girls are hitting big milestones right now.  There are a lot of big milestones that hit you hard (first "real" smile, first laugh, first words, first "mama").  But thinking about it, I'm remembering some of the smaller milestones that were my favorites of all

Putting their own binky in.  Man, did I love this one BOTH times I experienced it.

Manners - that first "peez" and "sank you" where they KNOW what they're saying and why they're saying it!

Saying "I love you" - or "wuff you mama".  Awesome.

Can climb into booster chair and carseat.  Feels amazing.

Can walk down stairs.  Madison mastered this at a perfect time - right around when I was trying to figure out how to carry two girls down the stairs at once.

Put self to sleep.  You say "good night", close the door, and that's it.

Can TELL you what's wrong.  SO much better than the guessing game.

Can feed themselves.


I know we have many more amazing milestones to come, some that the books list as "official" and some we'll realize on our own as being the moments you want to cherish forever.

What did I miss?  What are YOUR favorite milestones?

Circle of Moms published my second article this week.  I felt really good about this article, but was a little worried about what kind of reaction it would get.  Feel free to head over there and check it out, and as always, feel free to share if you know anyone who might enjoying reading!

I'm also thrilled that I hit 100+ Facebook fans this week!  Thank you to all of you who have followed me over there!  I really appreciate it!
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