Friday, May 3, 2013

Things That Made My Toddler Angry Today

Disclaimer: Madison is typically a really happy kid. She didn't nap yesterday and woke up early this morning, making for a VERY overtired little girl. She's napping now, and I think she'll be much less moody when she wakes up. That, or we're at that beautiful time where she is showing both terrible 2 and trying 3 year old behavior. 

Madison was crabby this morning. These days don't happen often, but when they do....look out. You never know what's going to make her mad and send her to her "crying place" (not her time out spot, but the place she goes when she gets mad) saying "I'm leaving!".

In case you are ever in charge of an almost three year old, and want to push their buttons, here is what I found worked very effectively today.

She had to pee on the green potty instead of the princess potty.
We really just need a second princess seat. The green potty is upstairs and CLEARLY inferior.

Reagan sat on her chair (while Madison was sitting on Reagan's chair).

They have the SAME CHAIR. The only difference is the name.

I made waffles from scratch this morning instead of the box in the freezer.

I took out the iron and she was crying. Mind you, we have these about once a week.

The painted on door to the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse playset doesn't open (and has never opened).

She was DEMANDING I open the door and did not believe me when I demonstrated that it didn't exist.

I drank a cup of coffee.

Sorry kid, when you are this cranky, Mommy needs coffee (and I think I need this mug!)

I wouldn't put new batteries in her water bottle (yes, you read that right).

I was having about as much success with this as I was with the door on the clubhouse.

She asked for Snow White music in the car, and I played...Snow White music.

Turned out she meant Tiana. I need my mind reader re-tuned.

 I mean, come on, these are all issues deserving of massive angry crying fits, right? I'd be really annoyed if someone had the nerve to make waffles and sip their coffee while refusing to properly battery power my water cup and perform an instant remodel on my toys.

What worries me is...if she's this moody now, what on earth am I going to do with teenager Madison?

What things have YOU done to irritate your kids lately?

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