Sunday, June 23, 2013

Wrapping It Up Volume 3

Sunday night already. Man, that weekend went fast. Heck, this week went fast. I can't even say it was because we had a lot going on. It was not. We didn't even have some of our usual activities. But it was a gorgeous week, with lots of outside play and pool time, and maybe just enjoying the summer days is what made them fly by.

Highlights of the Week

I posted much more frequently this week. I shared two posts from last August. When I wrote these posts, I think I was getting about 20 pageviews a day, and about half of those were my mom. It was fun to dust them off, clean them up, give them new names, and share them with all of you who have started following along!

First I shared about the support I've found in Facebook groups. I've recently joined a group for bloggers, and it's been wonderful. Almost a year into this I'm still finding my way, and this group is helping me figure things out. Perfect.

I also shared my older post about my desire to be an overachieving mom. Have I changed in a year? Do I still envy those who seem to have it together? (Spoiler alert: I do).

Two new posts also made it up, despite my exhausting week of doing nothing. First, I shared how my teaching career prepared me to stay home with two toddlers. Many teachers responded to this one, letting me know I'm not alone! And according to doctors, "teacher bladder" is a real thing!

And finally, I shared my love of 31 bags and thanks to Kim's amazing generosity, I've got a giveaway going with that. This is a quick one - it ends Tuesday night - so make sure to get your entries in. Did I mention that the large utility tote stands up by itself? 

I've had a few of you ask some questions. First: Yes, I realize that Rafflecopter messed up with showing Kim's facebook group. Don't worry about it. Click for the entries and I'll try to get it figured out. Second: some of you have asked how to order. This link takes you directly to Kim's 31 page. Drop her a note and let her know I sent you! If you want your own awesome large utility tote for only $10, or that adorable flip flop print, it's part of the June special!

Noteworthy Happenings

Think I'm sticking with the name for these wrap up posts. Much as I don't think it's the best I could come up with, it works. Here's what you may have missed this week!

Well, as for exciting things around here...not many to share. Playground, ice cream, pool. The summer basics! This week Madison will start swimming lessons.  She's excited, so I'm cautiously optimistic. Last year she screamed and/or cried through most of them, but she's been talking about swimming all winter. We'll see. 

I also went to a retirement party for my former principal. I've been out of teaching for almost seventeen months now, which seems absolutely crazy to me. It was so nice to see all my old colleagues, although I did have to repeatedly answer the question "so, do you like staying home?" (In case you were wondering, the answer is yes). 

But I know what you're really wondering. Did I keep watching awful reality TV? Sadly, yes, but I think the good reality TV that is So You Think You Can Dance balances it out.

Great Things to Read

I participated in Honest Mom's Honest Voices linkup. There are far too many great posts to share.  Definitely visit the page and click around. I loved this one about what no one tells you when you're expecting.

I also spent some time poking around Scary Mommy's site. There is so much great stuff there as well. And she's not scary at all.

And Amber over at Crappy Pictures interviewed her kids, and did it much better than I did. And illustrated it. Crappily, but still, I think she wins. I revisited her post about taking two kids to the park, so I could feel better about taking my kids to the pool.

On Facebook

I didn't share much on Facebook this week, but these two pictures were fun.

I choose to hear all these as compliments!

This one made me laugh, because this is Madison, about halfway through the meltdown. That's usually when she tells you she's sad because she's crying.


Google is changing the way you can organize the blogs you read. I used Google reader. Those of you who "follow" my blog via Google have Google reader. Google reader is going away at the end of the month. So here's what you can do.

If my blog is the only one you read regularly, well, you are probably all set. You've probably subscribed to my RSS feed (that means you get my posts in your email). If you only read one or two blogs, that will work fine for you. It won't clog up your inbox.

If you follow most of the blogs you read via Facebook, remember that Facebook doesn't show you everything. Not only do you need to "like" my page, but you also need to click into "notifications" and then "show all posts". Otherwise, Facebook decides what you see, and it's only about a third of what I post. A blogging friend of mine posted this great graphic.

If you follow more than a few blogs, or you're not on Facebook, it could potentially become tricky to keep up without Google Reader. I chose to go with Bloglovin'. See that pretty green B in the sidebar? That's the link to my Bloglovin' page. Click it to follow me, and you can add any other blogs you read. They'll send you an email that compiles all your reading. So far, I love it. Head on over to follow me on Bloglovin'.

This week I've got some big things in the works, as well as a few more archive posts as I count down to my first "blogiversary"! Have a great week!
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