Sunday, June 30, 2013

Wrapping it Up Volume 4

Well, the girls were going to bed early this week, so I figured I'd be in great shape to write tonight.

Then they took really long afternoon naps today (guess the humidity sapped them too) and were wired after our dinner out.

On the plus side, not having to rush them into bed after a dinner out meant that Adam could get the air conditioner in Madison's room, letting her enjoy the cool air that the rest of the house has had since the warm weather started and we turned the central air on. This may not sound like much, but trust me, it's a big deal.

Toward the end of the week I got a little down about writing. I've recently found a fantastically supportive blogging group, and they've really encouraged me to grow my blog and look for opportunities that I wouldn't have. But with putting yourself out there you run the risk of rejection, and I don't like rejection. And I got some this week. I realized it was a self-fulfilling prophecy - I didn't have the confidence to promote my posts like I usually do, so I took a dip, which made me feel less confident. Luckily, my group was there to bump me back up, and I'm back to my "I blog because I like to blog, everything else is gravy" attitude.

Highlights of the Week

I shared another two archive posts this week. I still like taking a look back to where I was at the beginning of my blogging journey.

The depressing part? I shared a post from last September that I thought was such a forgotten gem. I remember writing it and really liking it and being semi disappointed that it didn't get many views. But heck, nothing I was writing back then got any views. I was thrilled to pull it from the archives!

It got fewer views this time. The two posts surrounding it did great. This one? No. Bizarre. Anyway, I liked revisiting my snarky take on a popular parenting book.

The other post I shared was inspired by a fabulous quote my friend said. This one got a lot of laughs again, but it inadvertently invited some questions when I said "three will be harder than two".

I am not expecting baby number three. No no no no no. No no no. No. No. No.

Age 3. Age 2.

Three year olds are tough.

Glad we cleared that up.

I also wrote two new posts. One about swimming lessons. I'm so glad to hear that most of you would do the same thing - be gentle, be positive, and insist on the lessons, even through tears. I'm happy to report that day two was much better than day one.

Madison cried a lot this week (see, three is worse than two) and my second new post was about our first amusement park visit. We started small and I'm glad we did.

Noteworthy Happenings

Frankly, I'm impressed that I had any time at all to write this week. Last Monday and Tuesday I was involved in working with a golf tournament. A woman we know from the pool is on the committee, and was looking for both golfers and volunteers. She nabbed Adam and I back in April.

It was a great experience. The tournament raised over $60,000 for the Wounded Warrior Foundation. I didn't realize that this tournament is considered one of the top nationwide fundraisers for this particular organization. We got to hear a few speakers who have benefitted from the Wounded Warriors, and their stories were incredibly inspiring.

Plus, I got spend a few hours sitting in a lounge chair, with a cold beverage, chatting with a new friend. Technically we were watching for hole in one shots. But it was basically five hours of relaxation. Without the kids, it felt like a mini vacation.

My mom had the girls since we were gone for twelve hours. She built a fairy garden with Madison, which was a big hit. We did replace the ceramic fairy with something a little more durable, but Madison is still very proud.

Great Things to Read

These were two great posts that were on Scary Mommy this week. One that I blogged about a few months ago - the danger of hitting the "fast forward" button on your babies.

The other on birth plans. I'm sure there are people who feel differently, but I loved her humorous take on why birth is there to show moms that they have no control over the situation anymore.

On Facebook

I shared a few graphics on Facebook this week.

LOVE this one from I have found the most powerful thing you can do in an argument is walk away.

Have you liked Science of Parenthood yet? You should. They've got tons of these. One of my friends called them the "Big Bang Theory" of the blogging world.

This graphic from is SO TRUE. I had no idea how much social networking and self-promotion were involved. Too bad I am really, really bad at those things.
But I tweeted this week! And more than just my posts! Do you follow me on twitter? You should. I have a hard time sticking to 140 characters, so I don't tweet often and won't clog anything up.


Carly K. won the 31 giveaway!

If you loved the flip flop print, or you want the super awesome stands up by itself large utility tote for $10, you need to visit Kim's website and order tonight. I hate to rush you, but this June special is awesome. I know a few of you have already visited and received your bags! Enjoy!

If rushing isn't your thing, the July specials are pretty good too. Definitely head over to Kim's page.

So cute, right?

This Friday I have a guest post going up on a major site (for me) that I am both ridiculously excited for and stomach churningly nervous about.  I won't say too much more right now, but please, please, please think good thoughts for me and I'll share the post on Facebook and Twitter when it's up.

Don't forget - Google Reader is gone as of tomorrow.  Make sure you follow me on Facebook or Bloglovin so you get all my posts in an organized way!

Have a great holiday week! Wherever you are, I hope your weather is great and all family members are happy!
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