Sunday, September 8, 2013

Wrapping it Up - Volume 13

Today was one of the few Sundays that really felt like Sunday to me all summer. I think it was the church and football. Or maybe that our crazy weekly schedule starts tomorrow. Either way, the weekend is over!

Highlights of the Week

Two posts again - and one was from the archives! I just couldn't get my act together to actually publish anything I was working on.

My archive post was a not back to school post. I wrote it last September when it really hit me that I wasn't going back to school after my maternity leave.

Then Madison and I both had a fear factor day. We tried to be brave. Did we succeed?

Noteworthy Happenings

Madison had her first dance class at her new dance studio. This studio gets serious. Watching the older girls come in definitely let me know that should Madison decide to continue dancing, it will be a commitment. However, the girls were so happy and excited and anxious to get into the studio that it doesn't worry me too much. I was worried that Madison would have a tough time adjusting to a class without Miss Alicia, but luckily she has decided that Miss Sommer is just as good and has talked about her all week.

Madison also had her first day of church school. Very sweet story about that. Up until today, with the exception of Christmas Eve, Adam and I drop the girls in the nursery on our way up to the sanctuary. Once the kids turn three, they spend the first fifteen or so minutes upstairs with their parents and are dismissed to church school. Today was obviously Madison's first day of doing that.

We didn't want to confuse her or Reagan, so we split up. Adam walked Madison in and they sat down in the sanctuary while I signed Reagan in downstairs. When I joined them, Adam warned me that Madison was extremely concerned about our whereabouts.

She was quiet and seemed a little off. She smiled for a picture, but just looked...sad.

Well, we started singing the first hymn and the floodgates just opened. She was crying and told us she was worried about Reagan and she needed to go find her and make sure she was OK all by herself.

She pulled the tears back once the hymn was over, but sat very seriously in my lap for the beginning of service and was very grateful when I accompanied her up to the front for the children's time, and then into the church school room. She kept telling me not to leave and was absolutely glued to me.

Thankfully, once her small Pre-K class was in their own room, and she was able to sit with her friends from the nursery, she was completely fine and had a great time. As did Reagan down in the nursery. But I loved that it was the music that just set her worries over the edge - she was just so concerned that we weren't all together!

And yesterday we went to the fair! Adam played in an all day tournament, and when my sister offered this opportunity, I jumped at it. It was the perfect size for the girls. Not too big, but big enough to be interesting. We ate fried food, played some games, and visited the animals (and did manage to just avoid being peed on by a pig). Best of all...3 cousins between 1 and meltdowns. Not ONE. Amazing. Our timing was perfect.


The weeks I don't manage to blog, I do manage to stay pretty active on social media. Here's what I had to say on Facebook.

Impressive. First she worked on it with the hammer and screwdriver, then she dressed the princesses and accompanied them to the ball. Loved it.

I'm actually more impressed that it took them almost two years to attempt to destroy it.

Dark side of fair food. I gave each girl a lollipop for the drive home, especially since the exit was slow. That backfired QUICK. And no, I didn't have to cut it. Baby shampoo did the trick.

It was not those CELEBRATING Rosh Hashana that were causing the crowds, it was all those who had the day off from school who were NOT celebrating. Those were the ones getting haircuts, buying dance shoes, etc. So much for my plan to do those errands on a weekday after school started.

The 3T pullup on my 12 month sized toddler held. No more poop, no leaks. Whew.

Two hands feels way too easy these days.

And then today I managed to drink my entire chai while browsing on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Didn't write a word for the first hour I spent at Starbucks. Whoops.

I was back in action on Twitter too!

She's getting molars and it is CLEAR she doesn't like it.

Zero was right. Thank God there was naptime.

Our bedtime routine is awesome. But now when we DON'T do it, it's a nightmare.

Bloggers to Check Out

Two great ones to share.

Jeannette blogs at Mommy Needs a Martini. I love her blog name, and I love her daughter's name. Oh, and I love her blog.

I also love Angela over at Momopolize. This lady sets aggressive goals for herself and meets every one of them. She also has FOUR boys. FOUR. So clearly she's pretty awesome.


Still not much to share right now. I'm working on some partnerships that I'll be excited to share soon!

Happy September!
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