Sunday, October 27, 2013

Wrapping it Up - Volume 18

I am completely Halloweened out right now.

Did I mention it's October 27?

We still have a few days of fun, but we had a crazy, party filled, Halloween weekend. The kind where you need a weekend to recover from the weekend. I put the girls down at 6:30 tonight and frankly, I wished I could just follow their lead!

Highlights of the Week(s)

I had a laugh when I really thought through some of the "casting" Madison does with our family as she watches her favorite Disney movies.  
I finally shared some of the sensory play activities I have for the girls. It's the perfect way to spend the end of an afternoon while I'm getting dinner ready.

I came down with a horrible cold, but scouring Pinterest paid off, and I managed to knock it out in a weekend after a magical concoction of home remedies! I now have all the ingredients stored together so I can start this the moment I feel sniffly.

Finally, somehow I agreed to provide all the snacks for the preschool pumpkin party, which is terrifying me. But after sharing my plight on Facebook, many of you came through with great suggestions, and now the only issue is deciding which to make!

Noteworthy Happenings

Halloween filled weekend - definitely a good time. I'll share most pictures later on this week.

I'm definitely thrifty and was happy I could "recycle" costumes this year. Madison's Minnie Mouse dress from her dance recital still fit, even with the long sleeves and leggings underneath, and she looked adorable. Reagan wore the bee costume that Madison wore when she was fifteen months, and she was adorable as well. Actually, that costume has served me very well. I bought that on November 1 at Old Navy when Madison was 3 months old...for a dollar. Yes, one dollar. One dollar, two kids? Totally worth it.

We had Madison's first parent/teacher conference, and I left feeling so proud. She's such a smarty pants and is somehow both the social butterfly and the model of good behavior, so the teachers just gushed about how wonderful she is. Which is very nice to hear...and we're hoping some of that fantastic behavior transfers to home.


Here's a sampling of what I was doing on social media the past two weeks.

The good news was that my remedy worked AND Reagan stopped her tantrum as soon as we put on Sofia the First.

Crappy Pictures is awesome. And this is the story of my life!

Love Science of Parenthood!

Madison has received many stickers lately. We are always covered.

I always ask. Always. Why?????

Many of you suggested I just take them in the shower with me. Trust me, that is NOT the answer in our house.


Still haven't changed our picture. Any photographers out there willing to get a family photo of us? Because by the time I get around to scheduling it, it'll be spring.

I've been completely annoying while begging for votes on the Circle of Moms Top 25 Family Blogs contest. I really, really, really hate begging for votes. Thankfully, the contest ends this Thursday, so I won't be begging for much longer, and then I'm not participating in any more contests for at LEAST a year. So far, I'm hanging in there at number 15. I was flirting with the Top TEN for a while, which was amazing while it lasted, but right now I'm ok with wherever I end up. Please, please, please keep voting for a few more days. 

The deal is you get one vote per IP address per 24 hours. Yes, theoretically you can vote from work and home (two different connections) or from home (on wifi) and your phone (using data). Thank you to all of you trying to figure out how to get me up there on the list!

I had my second post go up on Mommy HotSpot. I wrote about dealing with a husband who travels for business - something I'm very familiar with!

I've decided to switch these wrap ups to every TWO weeks - unless something big happens and I'm just bursting with random things to share. I've been experimenting this month and it seems like this is the way to go. So don't look for me every Sunday night, but don't worry, I'm still around!

Have a great week!
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