Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Nina Needs to Go AWAY

It's time for a trivial rant. This time it's one of those short shows that Disney Jr. likes to air between their regular morning line up.

If you haven't seen it, go check it out on YouTube. Seriously.

Nina Needs to Go

It's new - probably only about two weeks - but I already hate it.

When I told my friend the title, she said "wait, it's a show about a girl who needs to use the bathroom?"

Yes. Yes it is.

In the most obnoxious way possible.

I mean, I guess that the message is supposed to be "don't wait".

But in reality, the message seems to be "don't worry about it, the adults in your life will do everything in their power, no matter how inconvenient, to get you to the bathroom. In fact, it's super fun! You get to ride in the backpack of your ninja, rocket racing Nana!"

Madison has taken to emulating this show in a big way. She is now holding her pee as long as she can, then running through the house shouting "can't wait, can't wait, can't wait!" just like Nina does on the show!

This Nina is a four year old girl who gets so wrapped up in her imagination that she forgets to use the bathroom until the most inopportune moments. Just like little girls do in real life!

Not to mention that her mother is an idiot. Once the opportunity to use the bathroom has passed completely, her mom asks her. She doesn't ask her before they get into line. She doesn't ask her before they put a costume on. She doesn't ask before they get in a ski lift. No time like waiting until the chance to "pee before we get in the car/line/top of a mountain" is long gone before putting the power of suggestion in her mind.

Ok, parents can relate to kids needing to go. But seriously, why suggest it once the opportunity has passed anyway? You're just setting yourself up for accidents.

Except instead of just being out of luck in these situations, Nina has a rocket shoe wearing, ziplining, top of train walking Nana who whisks Nina away from her sighing mother and father and gets her to the bathroom in the most exciting and thrilling way possible, delivering her to the restroom in the nick of time.

So if you do not have access to rocket shoes, a zip line, or heck, even another adult to whisk the four year old away, your four year old who tries to emulate Nina ends up with wet pants.

Nina ends every show with the same line;

"Now I know, don't wait to go!"

Except she does, every time.

Why, why, why would Disney air a show that puts a fantastically exciting spin on holding your bladder until the last possible second?  

I know that this show has caused at least two sets of damp underwear in our house from little girls pretending to be Nina, and I'm pretty sure we're not the only family who has a little girl realizing the harsh reality of waiting until the last second.

Of course, it's sponsored by PullUps, so I'm sure they're hoping for accidents so you feel the need to keep your kid in PullUps longer.

So I'm magically changing the channel between episodes now.

Unless Big Block Sing Song is on. Now that is a a funny short show!

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