Monday, April 28, 2014

Popping with Color

I am a lot of things. Some of those things are great, some of them are probably pretty annoying.

One of the annoying ones is that I am the world's most indecisive decorator. EVER.

I have framed photos stacked up in the bedroom because I can't figure out exactly how I should hang them. I have big empty spaces on the walls because I can't find the perfect thing to go there. When Adam and I agreed to replace our bedding, I agonized for weeks over picking the right set.

For a while, this wasn't a huge deal. The kitchen and main living area were decorated (enough) and I could use the "yeah, we just moved in not too long ago and we're trying to make sure we really love what we do" excuse for all the other rooms. But we've been in the house almost ten years now, and the rooms that look the best are the girls' bedrooms. I really want to make the house look great, but I'm just so horribly paralyzed when it comes time to actually spend the money to make it happen. But I'm crazy jealous, because now I have friends who are beginning to have gorgeous homes, despite also having small children, and I feel like it's time to step it up.

A few weeks ago, Wayfair (which, I found out, is one of Adam's favorite sites...who knew?) invited me to be part of their homemaker program. I was skeptical, since, although technically I am a homemaker, I don't know many people who are interested in emulating me. However, they assured me they were looking for "real" people, and I was real enough!

One of the first assignments I had was to chose a spot in my home that needed a "pop" of color. Initially I was plunged into indecision again - so many areas to choose from! - but I finally settled on our master bathroom.

When we were young, and stupid, and engaged, I made the mistake of choosing a particular Nautica set for our registry. The pictures were so pretty! So clean! So elegant! So white!

So I chose an all white shower curtain. With white accessories. Our towels were navy, and when I looked at them, all clean in their packaging, I congratulated myself on going with such a simple, classic, beautiful look.

Six months later we bought this house and finally pulled all those registry purchases out of the packaging and I realized that white tub + white walls + white tile + white accessories equals a very white space. The navy towels did very little add color.

But that was ok, right? Clean. Classic.

Nasty, right?

Or not so much. Because naturally, the whites don't really match and it just looks...blah. The shower curtain quickly became water marked, and dingy. So I checked the washing instructions. Do not hand wash. Do not machine wash. Do not dry clean. Spot clean only.

Who the hell buys a shower curtain that CAN'T BE CLEANED???

I was giddy with the thought of getting to get all the white out and get some color into this room!

First, the shower curtain had to go. I considered several options. One of the things I love about Wayfair is that you can put all sorts of criteria in when you search. MACHINE WASHABLE. Done. I had so many to choose from.

A little too dark

A little too bright

Finally, I went with this one. I know, I know. Not super colorful. But wait for it.


The navy valence and towels weren't going to work with the browns in the curtain.


I love this valance. The coral color makes the room seem lighter, the white of the walls and shower seem cleaner, and gives the room this incredible freshness that I was missing. All that we needed was some coordinating towels.

And boom again.

I know, it's a bathroom, it's my bathroom, so it's not the most visible room to guests and not many people will get to enjoy this pop of color. But every time I shower, take my bath, or put up my hair, I smile now, because it feels so fresh.

Turns out that Wayfair really knew what they were doing, inviting a total decorating mess into their homemaker program. Because if I can do it, anyone can. I'm inspired to give the rest of the house a facelift and share the progress.

But YOU, my readers, probably make out the best from my new gig. Because Wayfair is giving away a $100 gift card to one of MY readers. Not one of those giveaways where your entry gets lumped into a giveaway from 900 other bloggers. One of YOU will soon have $100 to spend on anything you want at Wayfair!


I can't wait to see who gets to treat themselves - and their home - to a spring freshening from Wayfair! So tell me, readers, what would YOU choose?

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