Friday, May 23, 2014

Sales, Shopaholic, and Tea for Two Little Girls

Oh boy, does the shopping gene start young.

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I gave the girls a "morning off" today. No activities, no errands, no playdates. We stayed in our pajamas and had a lazy morning. Cartoons, toys, books...a chance to relax before a busy weekend.

By the way, I ALWAYS think this is a good idea, and by 11:00 I'm totally regretting it. EVERY TIME. An unstructured morning always leads to fighting over toys, whining for snacks, and overall crankiness. 

Anyway, during a rare calm moment, when Reagan was lining up her trains and Madison was reading a book, I pulled out my phone to check my email. I got one from Tea Collection, which is one of my personal favorites, and I pulled up the site and started to browse though an awesome Memorial Day sale.

Uh oh.

I have such a weakness for a sale, especially when it's on clothes like these, which are SO cute, and SO sweet, and the way I would dress the girls all the time if I had unlimited funds to do so with. I make do with outfitting my quickly growing children at the mall, but man, I would ADORE a shopping spree at Tea Collection. Their dresses and leggings are a combination of classic little girl with a fun twist. I scour the consignment stores for Tea Collection stuff.

Not only is this weekend the official start to summer, but it is also Tea Collection's Memorial Day Sale! Starting today (Friday the 23rd), and running through Monday (5/26), sweet summer dresses start at $15, patterned or plain girls' leggings are only $12, surf and sand-inspired tees for boys are just $12 and adventure-ready boys' pants and shorts start at $15!

Well, yeah, while I was browsing through all the cuteness, Madison crawled up next to me and started offering her opinions on what we should buy (basically, ALL the dresses).

Is this one too expensive? 

Is this one my size?

Mommy! It's called Tea! I can get a dress and Reagan can get a dress and we can use our teacups and we can have a tea party!!

Can we buy that one????  

When this kid figures out how to online shop, I am in serious trouble.

Because, seriously, how do you even choose?

I'm restraining myself for now, in the name of teaching the child not to jump at EVERY sale that comes your way.

But it's a long long weekend.

Which one would you choose? Say, if you were a little girl who loved to dress up, loved her little sister to wear the same as her, and wore a size 5? You know, hypothetically.

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