Friday, August 1, 2014

A Space for Everything and Everything in a Space

One of the coolest things about Madison? She has the biggest room in the house.

This post was sponsored by Wayfair. However, all stories and opinions are my own!

I'm serious. Square footage wise, even when compared to the master bedroom, she comes out on top. Her bedroom is the space over the garage that our realtor called the "bonus room". And it is the size of our garage.

Sure, there are a few drawbacks. The closet is adequate, but not huge. The ceilings are slanted down against the walls and that impacts what kind of furniture we can use. And because there is no attic above her room and it's above a temperature unregulated garage, it tends to get a little chilly in the winter and a little warm in the summer (all easily solved with a window AC and a space heater). But the size? She has nothing to complain about.

Madison first moved into this room two and half years ago and I remember it looking so bare with her little crib up against a long wall. The nursery had been a cozy space and now she seemed like a little tadpole in a huge lake. In the time she's been there since, we have managed to fill that space up. She's got a beautiful daybed, the low walls are lined with bookshelves, we've moved a desk in there, and plenty of toys.

My issue now is that I'd like to take this monstrosity of a room and create some defined spaces. Rather than a giant free for all, I'd love to have a reading area, a puzzle and game spot, a homemaking area where her play kitchen can hold court. In a room this size, it's easy for everything to just bleed together, and when you add in two little girls who love to play, it can become an overwhelming mess.

And the best way to define a space? Area rugs.

When I was teaching music, I had a carpeted room. During one tricky year, the population of the school swelled and my carpeted music room became a second grade classroom, which moved me to the stage. As compensation for the loss of my beautiful room, they bought me a gorgeous rug for the stage, so I'd have a comfortable place to gather the kids. When I moved back to my old space the next year, I was allowed to bring it with me. And I quickly learned how an area rug - even one laid on top of carpet - could really define a space. Sitting on the edge of the rug to make a circle made life easier for everyone. Gathering on the rug for direct instruction ensured no outliers trying to hide in the back. I loved it.

Now I need to make that happen in Madison's room. When you have that rug to define an area, you have a better sense of space. It will take an overwhelming room and make it manageable.

Since I'm a Wayfair Homemaker, I checked out their selection of area rugs. The Jute and Sisal area rugs are gorgeous, but I wanted something a bit more "little girl". I love that you can browse by category, color, size, texture, you name it. I wanted something that would compliment the various shades of pink, green, brown and beige that she already has.

So let's take this...

A desk pushed up against bookshelves
 And see if I can turn it into a reading corner with THIS.

I love this Princess Dreams rug. I think this would be perfect for her reading corner.

 I'd also love to make the kitchen area a defined space. Something that we can use as a home base for the cleaning toys, the babies and their cradles, and of course, the center of every good play home, the kitchen.

I think that this space...

Could be easily defined with this rug.

Woodgrain Pink Cuddle Rug - SO CUTE

Have I purchased these rugs yet? No, because Wayfair is actually offering a promo code (which if you know Wayfair, you know that they RARELY offer promo codes) for 15% off ALL AREA RUGS. All of them. Indoor, outdoor, big, small, anything that goes on your floor and defines a space? Promo code is valid.

The promo code is RUGLUV37 and it is only good until Monday. That's it - 7/31 until 8/4, and then it's gone. So if you're trying to define a room with a rug, the time is NOW.

What do you think, readers? Do you have any rooms that could use some rug definition? 

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