Monday, November 17, 2014

Capturing The Moments - One Video at a Time

Every once in a while, I look at my girls and think...

When did you get older? How did you learn that? 

As we approach Thanksgiving, I'm just so unbelievably thankful that my girls are growing up (mostly) healthy and (mostly) happy and just love each other so much. On the holidays, when we get to see our families, they just love talking to the girls and asking them all sorts of questions, and they're always blown away with how much they've grown from one holiday to the next.

Because kids do this thing where they seem to grow up so suddenly and right in front of your eyes. One day they're asking for "kaykakes" (pancakes, obviously) and asking to watch "Straw KayKake" (Strawberry Shortcake), and the next minute those little toddler-isms are just gone. 

I just found this app - OneDay - on the iPad and it is awesome at capturing kids just as they are. But instead of just a little random video, it makes a little movie - an interview with your kid and creating the documentary of who they are, right at that moment.

I'm not exactly video savvy. I can't edit to save my life, so typically, you get what you get. But this app couldn't be simpler. You open the OneDay app, choose a topic, ask your kid the questions that pop up, and hit the record button for their answer. Save the moment, add the next, until you finish. Then the app adds background music, edits the questions back in, and creates a movie with your kid as the star. You typically get ten questions, but sometimes a question didn't really apply, so we skipped it, and we ended up with about eight or nine moments. Once you're done, you save it to your device, upload to YouTube, email it to the grandparents so they can die from all the cuteness and forward it to everyone they know, so no one has to wait for Thanksgiving dinner to hear them talk about the things they love.

I keep trying to get Reagan, because I want to capture her little voice, but so far she's walked away mid-recording, so I don't have a movie from her yet. But Madison, ever the ham, has made four so far. And because it's on "her" iPad, she's watched them pretty much endlessly.

So if being able to send friends and family incredible cuteness wasn't enough, you can ALSO win $150 to Amazon! This giveaway is open to the US and Canada, and you can buy all four books I've been in this year. Plus, you know, Christmas presents and stuff. I've heard that Christmas might be coming right after Thanksgiving...I think I saw a sign in a store or something?

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