Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Get the Stink OUT!

This past week has been oppressively hot and humid where we live.

Now, I made a pledge this winter, as I have the past few winters when we're dealing with three days of snow and polar vortexes and astronomical heating oil bills and finding coats and boots that fit, that I will not complain about the heat. I can acknowledge the heat, but I can't complain about it.

Then our central air went out.

This happened to us last year too. We're at the end of summer, we get a really hot week, and our twenty-two year old system starts getting tired. The outdoor fan just won't kick on, and we end up living in a hot box while we wait to get it fixed. Because unlike "no heat" service emergencies in the winter, "no AC" calls in the summer get put in line. You'll get fixed...but maybe tomorrow...or maybe the next day...

And I realize that we are totally spoiled and would make terrible pioneers because we are sweating here! I really, truly don't mind the heat most of the time, but this brought be back to my childhood - trying to fall asleep on the second story of a hot house on a humid night, where every movement brings more sweat.

We survived, of course, and we managed to spend a good amount of time at the pool during the day while we waited for the repairman, but yesterday, when I woke Reagan up from her nap, I realized that her sheets were soaked in sweat, and even though it was kid sweat, it still gave her bed a nice locker room odor.

Yeah, we all got sheet changes once the air was back on. Stinky sheets are no joke.

Really, it's been the summer of sweaty, stinky stuff. Camp clothes and tennis clothes and golf socks and chlorine soaked, mildew-y bathing suits and towels forgotten in the pool bag...EW. Reagan had an accident at camp one day, and I didn't realize it right away because she'd come home in a bathing suit. The next morning was when I discovered the plastic bag of goodness that had been sitting in her backpack, in the hot car. Awesome.

We're almost done with the sweaty summer, but I have a feeling that as the girls grow, my dealings with stinky laundry will grow with them.

Back to School is coming fast, and I'm teaming up with Febreze In-Wash Odor Eliminator to offer a back to school giveaway.  Febreze sent me a free bottle of this to try earlier this summer, and this past week put it to the test. I was very happy to realize that even my grossest summer laundry smelled fresh after adding this to the wash. I was thrilled to jump in and participate, because I know how stinky fall sports can be.

Enter this Back to School giveaway from Febreze In-Wash Odor Eliminator for a chance to win a $100 gift card to Walmart, $50 gift card to Dick's Sporting Goods and Febreze In-Wash to get rid of the stink this fall!

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Undo the Pee Yew

So much for back to school, it's time to get back to STINK. Football. Soccer. Hockey. Fall yard work. Hitting the gym. You name it, the stink is back, and it's badder than ever. So click here to download a $2 off coupon to try Febreze In-Wash Odor Eliminator to expel the smell, undo the pee yew and sink the stink. And if you're already a fan, click here to leave a review.

Enter to Win!

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