Thursday, June 9, 2016


The other day, someone asked me about my bug spray (diluted tea tree oil, crazy effective) and I happily shared that I'd made it myself. She looked really impressed as she said "wow, you're becoming quite the DIY queen, aren't you?"


OK, how many people who have known me, or read this blog for longer than two months just started laughing uncontrollably with me?

Yeah, DIY is not my specialty. 

At least with some things.

Ok, with most things.

I still like to buy most of what we need, from housewares to cleaning supplies to toys, but sometimes life dictates I take to Pinterest and get creative.

I was watching an old episode of Food Network Star where one of the contestants described herself as "semi-vegetarian" and I thought - that is exactly what I am in so many things. I'm semi crunchy. I'm semi homemade. And I'm semi DIY.

I'm DIY when I realize I need something, the girls are in bed, and I can't run to the store. I'm DIY when I can't grab a sale or a coupon and the store bought option is just way too expensive to justify. And I'm DIY when it just works better.

Bug spray? I'm not anti-chemical, but oils just work. 

Stain remover? The magic elixir of blue Dawn and hydrogen peroxide is amazing to behold.

Need a sunburn remedy at bedtime? Apple cider vinegar and coconut oil.

My last experiment was with a DIY version of Rain-X, and it's so easy and cheap that I can't imagine that won't find a way into my regular rotation.

What will I do next? Only time will tell!
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