Thursday, August 11, 2016

Just In Case Prep

I hate thinking of the worst case scenarios.

I am generally a pretty optimistic person. I'm the one who likes to consider the possibilities that the major storm may not be as bad after all. The person who hopes that the news is the media using scare tactics to generate buzz. I don't bury my head in the sand, but I don't like thinking of doomsday scenarios.

Recently Adam and I were watching the How I Met Your Mother episode where Marshall and Lily prepare their "death folders" after their wedding. I hate, hate, hate thinking that these may be necessary, but the rational and logical part of my brain knows that a death folder is just as practical as having a will. Passwords, user names, pertinent info, all locked in our safe just in case. We don't call them "death folders", but even though I hated doing it, it makes sense.

Just in case.

We also put little notes in the girls' backpacks and bags. Obviously their schools and activities have our information, but it's always helpful to have some emergency info right with them.

Just in case.

The last one we did a few months ago. I was reading about a family that had gotten into a car accident. Both kids, strapped into car seats, were conscious and fine. Both parents had been incapacitated. A scared child is generally not the most reliable source of information, and the responders had a tough time getting the information they needed. The writer urged parents to find a place to put that information in the car, just in case. Ages. Medical information. Parents names. Emergency contact. Put it on a bright sticker and stick it on the car seat, so that emergency personnel can find it.

Just in case.

Just in case feels scary. It feels like you're expecting a tragedy. Like you're inviting it.

But really, just in case should feel comforting. It's like buying insurance. You don't plan to use it, but you feel better knowing that it's there.

Just in case.


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