Sunday, September 18, 2016

Homeschool on the Go

Another one of those times I'm supporting my shopping habit with a sponsored post. As usual, all experiences and opinions are authentically mine.

Madison and I both like to take our homeschooling on the go from time to time. Although it can be nice to sit around in our pjs to do school time, it's not something we do often. And while there are plenty of times that we spend our school time in the kitchen, it's nice to get out too.

Last year I was really adjusting to everything, from curriculum to scheduling to...well...everything. Like most of life, there's a decent amount of trial and error in homeschooling. I found out early on that homeschooling on the go was a necessity once a week or so, but I didn't do it in the most efficient way. I'd pile several thick workbooks and the iPad in Madison's backpack, along with all her writing supplies, and wonder why she whined about carrying it all the way into Starbucks and looked horribly overwhelmed when we started.

Clearly not my most intuitive moment as a homeschooling mom.

This year, we determined that whole workbooks aren't great, but that pages pulled out and broken up into sections in a binder are something that Madison loves, especially when that binder is sparkly. It also cuts down on the weight of the backpack when we take it on the go. One binder, a pencil box from the Disney Store, the iPad, and we're good to go. She can handle that backpack with no issue, and our work at Starbucks is fun and productive.

Another thing we've found we need on the go, whether it's Starbucks, the library, or even just the car, is a good pair of headphones. Obviously they're necessary when using the iPad on the go, but we've also found that Madison works best with music, and out in public, that means headphones. Groupon Goods is a great place to find quality, affordable, appropriate headphones, as well as almost anything else you can search for. We found a pair that promises safe volume levels, as well as being "cute" and good quality (ie, a pair that won't break when hauled around by an elementary student).

It's amazing how much better Madison and I work together when we sit at Starbucks together - even when her headphones are on. It's almost like parallel play - I type, she does worksheets; I sip coffee, she savors hot chocolate; and we both get out of the house for a morning. Afterward we leave, feeling productive and happy and ready to go on with our day.

Because after all, who says homeschooling can only take place at home?

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