Saturday, February 11, 2017

Diving Into a New Wave of Splashlings

Like nearly every other kid in America, my girls love the YouTube. They love watching clips of their favorite movies and shows, Madison loves finding kid dancers to emulate, and naturally, they love watching toy opening/unboxing videos.

This post was sponsored by Splashlings. I received several packs in exchange for my honest review. This is why my kids are OK when I sit down at the computer and tell them to leave me alone.

I swear, this is what drove them to spend all their allowance/birthday money on another blind bag/Shopkin/MixieQ/Squinkie/whatever else is out there. Madison scours the lists that come with each and every pack and tracks what she has and what she needs and how many rares/ultra rares/mega ultra rares she has. Reagan sorts and arranges hers into boxes. They are both hyper aware of when a new series is released and what makes each series different. It's like the .... Beanie Baby? Garbage Pail Kid cards? I don't know, what did I collect in the 80s? Well, it's that. But worse, because your envy isn't limited to the one kid in your class who brought their collection to school and showed it off at lunch. You have the whole of the toy unboxers on YouTube to lust after.

The girls discovered Splashings last summer at Justice, and when I was in NYC and got to take a picture with an actual mermaid, they were just blown away. So when I got a chance to review Wave 2 of Splashings, these cute little mermaid collectible toys, the girls were all in. The package arrived after a snowstorm delay and they were bouncing up and down as I opened the carton. They couldn't wait for me to snap a picture of the packages before they were ready to dive in.

What makes Wave 2 so special is that some of the sea creatures and mermaids are color changing. Give my girls a hook like that and their obsession automatically goes up a notch - especially when it's a variable - you might get a color changer, but you might not. They scoured their lists, separating the color changers from the regulars (while I said I silent thank you that both the mermaids we got were color changers) and dashed off to create some pools of icy water.

It's easy to be annoyed by collectibles. Little toys that are easy to step on, the constant desire to buy more to finish off a collection. But there is so much good that make these special. They inspire imaginative play. They encourage math by sorting and graphing, science with the color change. And I love watching both girls create their own videos - emulating what they see on YouTube while putting their own personality into it.

Splashlings Wave 2 arrived in Walmart on February 1, 2017, but you can also find them at Toys R Us, Amazon, and Justice. They come in 12 packs (with one mermaid and two hidden splashlings), 6 packs (with a hidden mermaid) and 2 count blind pack. And if your kids like to expand on their play, there are several playsets for the Splashlings to enjoy!

My girls can't wait to see what comes next in the Splashlings universe!
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