Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Keep Your Battery Going

It's amazing how much we rely on battery power to keep us going.

As someone who does at lot of freelance writing, and chooses to do that writing on a laptop away from home most of the time, I am hyper aware of my laptop battery, and I choose my seat in libraries and coffee shops carefully. Can I plug in if I need a boost?

As someone who spends a lot of time waiting for the girls in waiting rooms, during lessons, and uses her phone during those times (some it work, some of it time killing), I'm very aware of my phone battery too. I have a charger in my tote bag, a charger in my car, and a power bank battery in my purse. Will I get caught with a depleted battery if I need the phone?

When we're on a road trip I become the crazy mom who keeps the tablets charging until the last possible moment so we all get into the car at 100% and have maximum time. Sure, I can plug Reagan's kindle or Madison's phone but battery depletion always seems to happen at the moment when everyone on a road trip is reaching a critical point.

After being stranded in a parking lot waiting for AAA, I'm paranoid about being totally on top of my car battery. Have I idled too long? Did I leave the radio on? The interior light? I do NOT want to be stranded with a dead battery. It's never fun.

Yet when it comes to my own personal battery power, I'm not making sure I'm keeping that charge topped up. I push and push until I crash, and I'm totally useless while I try to come back from zero.

Sure, it's a labored analogy (yet still an overused one), but it's accurate too. If we're not careful to keep topping ourselves up, to recharge regularly, and to avoid zeroing out and crashing completely, we're not helping anyone.

So I keep my battery in shape. I force myself to get a decent amount of sleep, even if that means I don't get through my entire day's to-do list. My FitBit lets me know exactly how much I slept and how restless I was, and that's a good accountability check for me. I make sure that I eat decently. I give myself time to zone out and recharge with a bath, or a book, or a game, or even some mindless TV. I take time alone out of the house.

When I keep on top of my battery, everyone, and I do mean everyone, is happier!

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