Saturday, June 3, 2017

Lucky Numbers

I love the ages the girls are right now. As we're kicking off this summer, I'm excited about everything that's ahead of us.

Gone are the days of baby pools and puddle jumpers, of early bedtimes and inconvenient naps that keep us from outdoor movie nights and fireworks. We can do a day at an amusement park without a stroller (or regretting that we didn't bring a stroller). Both girls are eligible to do any sort of day camp.

Seven and five are awesome.

Actually, seven and five are awesome year round, but I am loving all the prospects this summer holds.

We've already registered for swim team, several kinds of lessons, and art camp.

We're planning a beach vacation and I'm excited to have so much less gear to bring.

Seven and five are awesome.

Both girls can carry their own bags, roll their own suitcase, and dress themselves in any sort of garment the summer requires, from dance clothes to bathing suits. They can get up in the morning and get their own juice or cereal.

We can confidently make plans to go to the drive in movies, or the fireworks, and know that the girls will be ok.

The girls can play outside on their scooters and bikes, or with sidewalk chalk, or on their playground, and I'm comfortable staying inside.

And when it gets hot, or they're tired, they're able to amuse themselves inside on their tablets.

Seven and five are awesome.

They're willing to do their summer school work. They know their schedule. They can shower off pool water or sand on their own.

These are my lucky numbers. A summer of beach, and pool, and free time while they're in camp, and decent car rides.

Seven and were worth the wait.
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