Saturday, September 2, 2017

Slowing Down Gets it Done

The beginning of the school year is kicking my butt right now. I'm trying to do waaaaaaayyy too much.

Let me backtrack a bit. The beginning of the school year is like my New Year celebration. I set up new routines, and I make all sorts of plans and schedules for how we're going to be better! organized! prepared!

And I'm getting new ideas of how to make this school year amazing. I keep ordering stuff on Amazon (thank GOD for Prime). I'm ordering the stuff I can't find on Amazon from eBay (I'm looking at you, vintage American Girl books). I'm ordering more stuff from Amazon, solely because I'm realizing what I need at night and don't feel like trying to remember to go to the store the next day.

I won't remember to go to the store, because my brain is tired. It's trying to remember which activities need to be paid, and which I paid back in May, and which schedules start next week and which don't start until the following week, and what books I bought already and which books I need to buy.

And did I respond to that email?

And how am I going to manage homeschooling two kids at once?

And did I pay the bills?

And where is everything? 

Yeah, my brain is overloaded.

When there's too much to worry about, my brain starts dropping the ball everywhere. I go to stores and forget what I'm there for. I leave clothes in the washing machine and dishes in the dishwasher and bags of food in the trunk. I stay up until past midnight doing...I don't even know, because by the next morning I have a to do list that is just as long. And then, my brain starts occupying on autopilot. I'm so distracted that I can't focus. Forget phones being the only source of distracted driving. I'm distracted enough just starting the school year.

Distracted living? Probably not so good. I have plenty to do, but when I'm distracted, nothing gets done (well).

So now that we're a week into the school year, I'm deciding to slow down and focus. One thing at a time. Do-able to do lists. Saying no to excess volunteer opportunities. Writing everything down in ONE SPOT.

And it's going to be a great school year.
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