Thursday, December 7, 2017

Embracing the Change

I am totally not shy about how much I love Audible. I love my audiobooks. I've gotten the girls just as into it as I am. They've listened to Anne of Green Gables and Harry Potter as we drive around doing errands and going to classes, and we've added plenty of books for them to listen to while they do their schoolwork and clean their rooms.

From my very first smartphone purchase, I'd been a Galaxy girl. I liked my phones, liked how much they did, and never had any desire to make the leap.

Until this October, when I gave in and upgraded to the iPhone 8, making a clear choice to switch teams.

There were so many reasons. First, Madison got an iPod touch for her birthday, and her favorite part of this "phone" was the ability to text (when on wifi of course). Since she spends hours at the dance studio without me, I liked the idea of being able to get in touch with her if I wanted to. Then I realized that "texting" on a wifi device is using iMessage...which I didn't have. Long story short, she couldn't text me. We made do with Google Hangouts, but it seemed like a clunky work around. We also realized that if I was going to be the administrator for her, I needed to have access to an "i" device. Yes, that could be the iPad. But again, it was a pretty clunky work around.

Then there was the sharing issue. The teachers and moms share videos and music so the girls can practice. Those things don't always text or email well because of file size. So the teachers and moms started air dropping videos...and guess what device couldn't do that?

Music was a pain. Having two app platforms was a pain as I managed both the girls on the "i" devices and myself on the galaxy. And I wondered why on earth I was being so stubborn.

So I made the switch. I won't go as far as to say I gave in grudgingly (as Adam did when he realized he needed an iPhone for work), but at first, I made the transition tentatively.

And within a week I was a full convert.

Some of this was that I upgraded my storage - big time - and realized that there is no contest between the removable storage I'd been irritated with for years and actually having a phone with a huge capacity. And now that I had this, a whole world opened up to me. I could go back to my love of podcasts, without having to wonder which versions were available on which devices.  I had ALL my music.

I still love Audible, but I've embraced the change in car ride entertainment.

Sometimes, change is a good thing.
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