Tuesday, September 18, 2018

It's Fall!

I'm such a fall girl. It's such a cliche to love fall, even as a woman in the last year of her thirties. But I'm a knock off boots, cinnamon and chai lover more than a pumpkin spice UGGS girl. After this summer in particular, when the humidity seemed indecently persistent and the only things keeping my headaches at bay were my sanity-saving chiropractic treatments, I longed for fall to arrive.

Then we started up the school year, and yet the weather didn't consistently cool down. Yes, we had a few cool evenings or mornings where we'd need to put a sweatshirt on, but the afternoons were still hot and we didn't even have the pool at our disposal after Labor Day (an outdated pool practice if I ever heard one).

But now, it's starting to feel more like fall. The warm days are becoming more notable as the fall temps try to take over. Our Saturdays are spent at the soccer fields. We've finally turned the AC off and can have the windows open again.

Now that my sister is living so close, the girls are getting more chances to hang out with their cousins. They've always been close, but it's never been so easy to plan impromptu get togethers, now that we're only ten minutes from each other. They are a fall fair family, especially now that my brother in law coaches the lumberjack team at his high school, so we've joined them at a few fairs (and had the fun of both broiling and getting stuck in the mud!)

For as much as they profess to love summer - and I do believe they love it - my girls love fall too. They might miss the pool now and then, but they also love playing outside when it's a little more temperate. They love pulling out their new sweatshirts and leggings, they love apple picking (and all the cooking that brings) and they LOVE getting to go to all the fall fairs.

Yes, I'm probably raising two pretty basic New England girls. But honestly, is it such a bad way to live?
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