Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Solstice Musings

We're almost there. Almost to the shortest day. Once we get there, the days will only get longer.

I don't mind the days starting to get shorter, back in the fall when darkness is falling around 6:30 or 7:00. But now we're firmly in the season of dark mornings and dark evenings, and my body just craves more daytime to feel energized.

Then there's the driving into the sun. I HATE driving into the sun. The other day, the girls and I were on a field trip for the day. In the morning, I felt we were driving right into the sun, still rising and low in the sky. By the time we were heading home in the afternoon, we were driving right into the sunset. The glare was unreal and within minutes, even with my visor down and my sunglasses on, I had a headache. It feels like there's no way around it this time of year. I've altered my routes and they ALL seems to drive directly into the setting sun.

Yes, I realize this is not possible. Still happens.  

You'd think the dark days would make the girls easier around bedtime, and in the fall, the earlier darkness does. But by mid-December, when it's dark from 4:00 on, they're immune to it. If it's dark in the afternoon, and THAT wasn't bedtime, then it's obviously not bedtime at 8:30 either. I mean, it looks no different than 4:00! Never mind that it feels like MY bedtime should be at 7:00.

But this also means that we have Christmas lights to see on our way to dance by 5:00. The girls got to play in the first snow in the moonlight, which they thought was absolutely amazing. And cuddling under blankets watching movies isn't exactly the worst way to spend an evening with my family, and in the winter, it feels like we have more TIME to do that.

And, as Madison said, once we get to the shortest day, we get to start having more sun every day again.
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