Thursday, August 8, 2019

My Magic Bag

I can't stand being caught out without what I need. I like being the ULTIMATE in prepared moms. I like being the one with a snack, a straw, an ice pack or a bandaid, with a spare pair of soccer socks, or enough Bobby pins to get everyone’s hair in a bun. It’s kind of becoming my trademark. Yup, I have a pen. Or a notebook. A spare water bottle.

The trick is being the ultra prepared mom without looking like a bag lady. So it’s all about organization and spreading things out, so I have what I need where I need it, in a place where I can get to it. If I’m rummaging through a monstrous tote, or have a car trunk I can’t put groceries into, it’s not worth it.

My purse is the first spot to be stocked. The trick to my purse organization is the two purse trick. A couple of years ago I went to an event that I knew would hand me a big tote bag on my way in. I knew from experience that carrying around the giant tote and a purse was really awkward, but I also didn’t feel comfortable not bringing it. So when I was planning this particular trip, I found a small clutch that was basicallly a wallet with a wrist strap. It was bigger than a wallet, much smaller than a purse, and it ended up becoming my favorite thing, since it’s basically a wallet, but with room for a phone, keys, lip balm. It keeps my absolute essentials easy to find and easy to hold. When I’m running around town, it’s all I need.

BUT - to carry all the other stuff, I have my “big purse”. Generally it lives in the passenger seat of my car. I stumbled into it at TJMaxx, and it’s the perfect combo of big and roomy, while still looking cute. This is where I keep all the “ultra prepared mom” supplies. Reusable shopping bags. Meds and first aid have a pouch. Small office supplies have a pouch. Straws and spoons have a pouch. Hair things (including a “bun kit” - yes, I’m a dance mom) have a pouch. If I keep everything sectioned into pouches, it makes it very easy if I want to transfer purses, and if I don’t feel like hauling the big bag, I just pull out the clutch.

The car is another place where I want to be totally prepared for every eventuality, but I don’t want clutter. Once again, it’s pouches to the rescue. In the car, I prefer the clear pouches over anything else, because it makes it easy to see what I’m looking for quickly. I’m very careful to keep everything in a specific place. My last car got so cluttered, so quickly. THIS car has an “under trunk” storage compartment, and that’s where I keep all the pouches. Extra clothes, first aid, activity bags for the kids, car care. In the center console I have pouches for straws and plastic ware, napkins, wipes, bandaids, and all that little stuff. If you were to look at my car (most days) you would have no idea how stocked it actually is!

I’ve had friends joke that I’m the Mary Poppins of preparedness! It doesn’t look like I have everything with me - but it’s all a matter of tucking it away!

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