Meet the Family

The Mommy

That's me! I'm a thirty something Mom of two little girls, living in CT. Up until recently, I was a music teacher in one of the best school systems to be a music teacher in, and because that didn't keep me busy enough, I managed the OAKE National Children's Choir. I have moments of missing it, but I'm happy to be a stay at home mom of two little girls. I spent most of my "homemaker" time trying to figure out ways to be more organized and efficient, which cuts down on actual housework nicely.

I'm a dance mom, a homeschooling mom, and I'm always excited to see what my next label will be!

The Dad

Adam is a passionate Dad who shows unwavering loyalty to his sports teams, his family and his friends. He gets his frustration out on the golf course and I've never seen him happier than when we found one four minutes away. He works out of a home office, which is both amazingly awesome and totally inconvenient. Even though we may occasionally need to be quiet during conference calls, being around for all three meals is a benefit that the girls and I love. When he's not in the office, he's traveling on "great big airplanes" and finding time to Skype with the girls before bed.

The Big Sister

Madison is what we call "a hoot and a half". She's endlessly chatty, witty, silly and sweet. She's five going on sixteen. She's already found a passion for dance and joined a competitive team. Five plus hours a week seems like a lot to me, but she thinks it's not enough. She's my true Renaissance woman and also loves her science, cooking, golf, tennis, and gymnastics. She loves to hug her friends, play make believe, dance and sing. She's a girly girl who still manages to hang with the boys. Madison had some health issues a couple of years ago, but you'd never know it these days.

The Little One

Reagan is our fearless climber, our tiny speedster, and my affectionate barnacle. She's definitely a mommy's girl. Reagan was a bit of a surprise in the beginning, and kept us guessing from pregnancy to birth, but she's the perfect fit to our family. Reagan is already three and a half, which is absolutely crazy to me, and starting preschool. She's smart, stubborn, silly and creative. She is an independent free thinker and it's always interesting to see how she reacts!

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