Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The things we get excited over...

Two days ago I posted in a Facebook group, sent texts to multiple people, called friends, and generally had to restrain myself from sending out a press release...

Because Madison pooped in the potty.

Now, for an untrained 2 year old, this is HUGE news.  She told us she had to poop and wanted to sit on the potty (and play iPad).  We figured she just wanted to play iPad, but in the style of potty learning that we're doing, we want to encourage anything positive potty related.  After about 10 minutes, Adam went to get her, because we had a cement mixer pouring cement in our backyard and he thought she'd think that was pretty cool...MAYBE even cooler than iPad.  So he went and picked her up...and there was POOP in the potty!  And (sorry) not one tiny little poop nugget, but ALL her poop!

Well, we basically held a party right then and there!  She got high fives, kisses, hugs and excited "I'm so PROUD of yous!".  She got 2 m and ms for each hand!  She got to see a cement mixer in action (OK, she was going to do that anyway).  And Adam and I talked about it, for, no lie, at least the next half hour after she went down for her nap.

Afterward, I started really reflecting about how this is REALLY a Meredith to Mommy moment.  Because before kids, I really didn't think all that much about poop.  Not even my own, unless there was reason to, and DEFINITELY not anyone else!  I was always kind of grossed out whenever I even KNEW Adam was in our bathroom "reading a book".

But since Madison, poop is a big deal.  When she was a baby, it was how much, how often, what color, what texture.  How it changed from newborn poop to breastmilk poop to breastmilk/solids poop to REAL solids poop to supplementing with formula poop.  Diaper blowouts became amusing anecdotes. I think I posted on facebook when we had to cut her out of her onesie. I was never a picture taker or anything, but I was definitely no longer shy.  I did the same when Reagan came around, fretting about the same things.

And now poop in the potty is something to be THRILLED over.  And celebrated.  And blogged about so someday, before she has her own babies, Madison can be totally mortified and vow to NEVER talk about poop with family/friends/strangers.  And I will smile, and still remember how ridiculously excited and proud I am right now.  And I feel no shame.  I am TOTALLY a mommy.


Anonymous said...

LOL! Isn'it insane how excited we get about poop these days?! I am SO proud of Madison! Jude pees in the potty on occasion, but has never pooped! One of these days! :)
Great blog! Looking forward to more!

Meredith said...

Thanks! She's still hit and miss, so to speak, but it's definitely funny to me how much this particular topic has taken over our lives!

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