Sunday, July 22, 2012

Madison is 2!

So here we second anniversary of being a mommy!  Sometimes I still feel like I'm just playing a part.  The other day I was referred to as "Madison's mom" by her swim teacher and it honestly felt surreal to me.  Two years in I am still learning how to do this and new challenges appear every day.  But here are some things I have learned in two years:

  • By talking in an excited enough voice, you can convince a two year old to try almost anything.  (Almost.  And that doesn't mean they'll try it again.)
  • It doesn't take long to figure out what you say often, because you now have a parrot repeating it you!
  • The first year of life you get beautiful pictures of your baby's face.  The second year, you get beautiful pictures of your baby's back, because they are always running!
  • You will be amazed every single day as you see your child learning and growing.  I can't count how many times this year Madison has said something to me and I've thought "when did you learn THAT???"
  • No matter how bad the tantrum is or how mad your two year old is, they will come back for a big hug and cuddle.
  • The baby days slip away SO FAST.  Already I don't think I really refer to Madison as "my baby" anymore (even though she will always be my baby).  And like I read the other day, I think most moms are VERY aware how fast time is going by.  I'm constantly reminding myself to cherish all the moments, the good and the bad.
It was a great day for all of us.  Madison is now aware of special days and knew that yesterday was special from the moment she woke up to balloons!  At first I was sad that her birthday party isn't until next week, but now I'm so excited to prolong the celebration!
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