Monday, July 16, 2012

Let's give this a try...


I created this blog for one big reason: to save both my friends from multiple daily phone calls, and acquaintance in general from a clogged facebook feed as I regale them with tales of the funny, adorable, quirky, and memorable things my two cute and beautiful girls say, do and experience every day.  Now that I'm home all day, every day, I am marveled constantly at these things and can't wait to share everything.  So here I can let the stories flow, and no one needs to feel obligated to read, listen or comment!  I know I talk too much. (It's genetic; I'm definitely not adopted, and neither is Madison!)

I am a former music teacher and current stay at home mom of two amazing little girls.  Madison turns two this Saturday (sob!) and Reagan is 4 1/2 months.  This blog will chronicle my transition from Meredith, musician, teacher, friend and wife, to Mommy (and Meredith), MOM, musician, friend and wife.  And yes, there's a transformation in there!

More stories to come, but today, this Mommy is TIRED!  Creating feels like enough of an accomplishment for now!

Madison asserting her dominance over Reagan.  This may be a common theme!
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