Sunday, August 12, 2012

Mini Post - The things we say...

It's been a week of stellar quotes from both Madison and me.  Thought I'd do a mini post to share some of the finer ones.  It is definitely fun to have a toddler in the house, especially one who is so darn chatty.

From Mommy....
  • I don't care if you don't feel well, I don't care if she smiles, it is NEVER ok to hit your sister with a hammer.
  • Yes, your crayons are all gone.  Because I keep finding crayon pieces in your diaper and I'm tired of it.
  • We don't wash our hands with yogurt.
  • Please take the potty off your head.
  • Reagan does NOT want to smell your pee!  (Upon taking off her diaper, announcing it was "P.U. stinky pee", and smooshing it into Reagan's face).
  • Little girls are not allowed to go to church naked.
  • Stop feeding your grapes to the elephant. (Yes, it's a toy elephant).
From Madison...

  • We use a mouskatool! (in response to asking her how she planned fix a toy she'd deconstructed).
  • Mommy, play doh is not for eating (said through a mouthful of blue play doh).
  • I not go outside.  There's too many monkeys outside (squirrels).
  • Reagan SO cute.  And Madison cute.  And Mommy cute.  And Daddy golfing.
  • I visit Adler in the potty.
Many, many, more, but these are the few I was giggling at tonight.  Let's see what this week brings!
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