Saturday, August 3, 2013

Because Reagan Needs Some Love Too

Disclaimer: Citrus Lane sent Reagan her box for free, and those links you'll click on are affiliate links. In other words, if you click them and decide to buy, I make a few cents in commission...which I will probably spend on the girls. However, as always, my opinion isn't for sale, so all thoughts are my own. I wouldn't talk about a product I didn't love. Promise.

Oh Reagan.

The baby of the family seems to have it rough those first few years. 

Of course there's enough love to go around, and Reagan has no shortage of that.  Not only does she have a mom and dad excited about her milestones, she has a big sister who piles attention on her. She's a very lucky little girl in that way.

But poor Reagan is getting the shaft in a few other ways. With the exception of some wonderful Grandma gifts, her clothes are all hand me downs. Her toys are all hand me downs.

Madison chooses which show we watch in the morning, what we eat for breakfast, what snack we have, and whether we go to the playground or the pool. Reagan gets what Madison gets (ok, Reagan usually wants what Madison has, but she's never the one to make the initial decision).

Reagan tags along to all of Madison's activities. But, she gets the waiting area at dance class, errand running during Gymboree, walks around the library during storytime (if you're wondering why I just don't let Reagan explore the children's area on her own, you obviously haven't been paying attention to her energetic personality. Her idea of library time is to run around as fast as she can and pull all the books off the shelves. No train table, puppet theater, or busy box can hold a candle to that).

Now, Reagan is not suffering. She's a happy kid. She loves playing with Madison's toys. She expects to get the same snacks. She's used to being the "tagalong" during activities.

But I still feel bad. 

I want to do some things that make Reagan feel special. That are just for her.

In September, when she'll be 18 months, she'll start gymnastics classes. Perfect.

Once she starts talking (in a language that we can understand), we'll give her turns to pick the breakfast, the morning show, the snack, the afternoon activity.

But her stuff....well, that's still mostly hand me downs. 

So I got her a Citrus Lane box.

CitrusLane was started by moms to help new parents cut through the confusion and discover the best products and brands for their children, helping them save time and stay prepared for their little ones’ changing needs. Their business is based on one simple idea: help parents find the best products for their kids, and make getting them a simpler, more delightful experience.

It's a monthly subscription box that comes addressed to your child. Inside, there are 4-5 items that are selected for their developmental stage - anywhere from newborn to five years old. Box selections include items such as toys, books, snacks, household and body care products, as well as the occasional treat for parents.  Each box is worth at least $25, and they include awesome brands - Green Toys, Skip Hop, Plum Organics, Melissa and Doug. The goal is to show parents some great products that might not be the most obvious, but that just might be a perfect fit.

The box Reagan got was perfect for her.

For me?

She got a Melissa and Doug puzzle of her very own. Not one that Madison can cry "but that's miiiiiiiiiiine" when Reagan starts playing with it. Madison has a new obsession with "real" puzzles, and giving Reagan one that's perfect for her and her very own might stop her from stealing the pieces to Madison's.

She got a snack tower. I. Love. This. Snack tower. When Reagan and I are running errands, hanging in the waiting room, or otherwise killing time during Madison's classes, this will be perfect. Three treats, stored together, that I can dole out one at at time. Grapes, goldfish and Teddies anyone?

She got a bag of cookies. I'm always so happy with these snacks, but because they're a little more pricey than Goldfish, I don't try out new flavors as much as I should. Both girls had one of these and gobbled them down.

Digging in!

We got two Insta-Cold packs. 

Wow, I think they were spying on Reagan. With a climber, this needs to be a staple in our house and our diaper bag.

Sigh...we've already used one.

Finally, we got a photo sharing gift card. 

Oh, and then, obviously, you need to play in the box. Especially if you aren't wearing pants, as seems to be the norm in our house.

Apologies for the blurriness. She never stops moving!

The subscription is $25 a month. But I really love the idea that instead of picking up random things that will add up to much more, Reagan gets a special surprise in the mail.

BUT, what's awesome, is that if you join before August 5, you get TWO boxes your first month. You get July's box AND August's box!**

Not only that, but since they have such an active community on Facebook, they decided to reward parents for sharing the products they really loved, and they have a sweepstakes.

The Best of What’s Next Sweepstakes.  By visiting "best of" page, moms and dads can see best-of products recommended by our expert buyers and the Citrus Lane community. In addition, they can add their own favorites based on past experience. Participants create personalized lists of three products they recommend to other parents, and three products they want for their own home.  By building your own “loved it” and “wish for it” lists, you’ll be automatically entered in a sweepstakes to win the three items on your wish list*.    

I went online immediately to build our wish list. Kidcraft dollhouse? Yes, please! Outdoor playhouse? Oh yes. 

Yeah, I know. But I can dream.

Lately, Reagan has been the child requiring far less sleep than her sister. As annoyed as I may be at, say 6:00 am, or when I was hoping to get some housework done during naptime, I think maybe Reagan is just looking for some special time with Mommy.
And I'm happy to give it to her....maybe even with a puzzle and a cookie.

* Maximum prize value is $300.  If the three items in your “Want It” list exceeds $300 of retail value, Citrus Lane will send the winner the items that can be purchased for $300 and a check for the remaining balance.That's what will happen if I win.

**Offer Terms:  Only new, first-time Citrus Lane subscribers who start a monthly subscription are eligible to redeem the two months for one offer.  Gift subscriptions do not qualify.  Offer expires 8/5/2013.  To redeem this offer you must enter BLOG2for1 at checkout.

UPDATE: The 2 for 1 promo is over. However, if you click the links about and enter the promo code TAKEHALF, you can still get a box for 50% off! New customers only.



One Classy Motha said...

How awesome is that!!!! I need to head over and check them out! Thanks!

Unknown said...

Awesome. I had heard Of Citrus Lane, but I wasn't exactly sure what they were about. Very cool concept and great stuff! I know my big kids always love getting things in the mail. This would give the toddler a chance to experience that!

Stephanie said...

I've never heard of Citrus Lane before. I love subscription boxes! :) I'll have to look more into this!

Unknown said...

Love this idea for my little guy who just makes the cut at 5years old. He would love it!

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