Friday, August 2, 2013

I'm Baaaack....(well, I hope so)


Remember when I wrote blog posts?

Yeah, I don't either.

I've been suffering from a phenomenon know as youwerefinebeforeyouhadsomethingbutnowyouhaveitandyougottotallyusedtoitandnowyoudon'thaveitandyoucanbarelyfunction.

(That's the official name, by the way).

Yeah, I have that.

I didn't have a mother's helper until a month ago.

She worked two and a half weeks. Not even every day.

Apparently, that was enough time for me to grow completely dependent, because she's been gone the past two weeks, and I really, really miss her.

I'd gotten into the habit of having a few uninterrupted hours every week to get all this blogging stuff done. I could write, I could network, I could do all the other blog stuff that's been piling up. The girls were happy, I didn't feel like I was trying to cram everything into naptime, and I was actually productive. My housework got done, my blog stuff got done, and I could sit down once the girls were in bed.

For two and a half glorious weeks.

Then she had the nerve to go on vacation with her family, and then the gall to have her wisdom teeth out. Geez.

And for some reason, I can't seem to adjust back to the way I did things before. Instead, the to do list is getting longer, and my focus is starting to scatter. I barely get my cleaning done during naptime (read: I don't finish cleaning) and by the time the girls are in bed, I'm tired, and I can't concentrate on writing anything coherent.

So am I helping myself? Or making myself dependent?

Now before anyone gets all concerned about my well being, let me reassure you that I am fine, the girls are fine, and the house is fine. Everyone is taken care of. It's the blog that's suffering. And the timing really stinks, since I've gotten some good opportunities lately. Instead of jumping on that wave...I'm fizzling. Which frustrates me. So I lose some more drive. Which frustrates me. And repeat.

I also haven't had my weekends. Adam has had a golf event almost every weekend for the past month, so scheduling my time has gotten tricky....because it's birthday season for all of Madison's friends, so we've had a party almost every weekend - one of which was Madison's. On Sunday I finally got some mommy time, but I spent it driving to and attending a shower. I had so much fun celebrating with an old friend and loved reconnecting with my former colleagues. I even started a post about my the car. Did that get written down yet? No. No it did not.

Perfect storm of blogging slump.

Today, I started getting my groove back. The girls were playing together beautifully this morning, and took decent naps, so I got everything done I needed to. Instead of grocery shopping after they went to bed, I took them with me. I'm writing now. I'm planning on writing tomorrow.

And next week, Sarah will be back. The girls will be thrilled, and I'll be jumping up and down (and then escaping with my laptop for a few hours).

Oh, and I get to start worrying about what happens in mid-September.

Moms with young kids, we all hear about how you need to make time for you, but how do you ACTUALLY do it? 

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