Sunday, September 16, 2012

What a week!

I have a few posts in the works, but nothing was feeling right, so I decided to go in another direction with a few ancedotes.  We had a big week last week!  We're into our new fall routine (because I need something to regulate me since I stopped working.  Plus we had some fun extras!  Instead of writing about any one topic in particular, I'll just touch on some of the cute things that happened!


Was Madison's first dance class!  Seeing all those little girls in their dance outfits was just an overload of cuteness.  Madison was pretty excited, and kept telling me she wanted to be "just like June" (the Little Einsteins ballerina).  But upon putting on the tights she decided that "these socks are too tight" and it was really bugging her that she couldn't get them off. 

So stinking cute and ready to dance!

This was also a big deal for Mommy because it was our FIRST drop off class!  Obviously Madison has been to daycare, and had babysitters, and she spends most Sundays in the church nursery.  But this was our first experience where she was participating in an activity without me.  It seems like she is growing up SO FAST!!  I so desperately wanted to peek in on her...although I did get reassurance that she was in there several times (she has a distinctive cry!)  Afterward she came bolting out the door to me, which just made my heart melt.  But we've been talking about it all week, and although there were some tears the first day, she's very excited to go back!


This was our laundry adventure.  It also kicked off some travel for Adam, which looks like it'll be picking up a little over the next month.  He hasn't done any real substantial travel since Reagan was about a month old, which has really spoiled me.  We tag team bedtime almost every night, and I absolutely love it.  Madison is also pretty used to having him around.  She knows that "Daddy's working" during the day, but she also knows that she'll see him at breakfast and dinner and can peek into his office and say hello.  He also gets her up most mornings (I know, I know, I am REALLY spoiled).  She definitely missed having him around.  She kept running into his office to check for him when I'd remind her that he was at work, and finally determined that he must be golfing.


We had our first dentist visit!  I wish I had pictures, but unfortunately I was too busy holding down my screaming, sobbing toddler.  We tried to prepare her over the last few weeks, telling her all about the dentist and how he would count her teeth, and polish them up for her, and we practiced "open wide!" every night as we brushed teeth.  Of course, none of that seemed to matter.  We were at a pediatric dentist and the staff was wonderful, but the office still seemed pretty scary.  And the hygienist, while great, was trying to impress Madison with her fancy gloves, but to a kid who gets blood work done FAR more often that any toddler should, rubber glove = something unpleasant is about to happen.  The successful part of the story is that they did manage to do both her first cleaning, fluoride treatment and exam, I didn't get any flack about her bedtime pacifier habit, Madison perked right back up after getting her goodie bag, and we found out that Adam and her dentist are golfing buddies! 

Madison may have perked back up, but I tried to cram way too much into the morning.  We went from the dentist, to the library, to Gymboree.  By lunchtime both girls were totally melting down.  Note to self:  just because everything fits timewise doesn't mean it's a good idea.  Three activities in the morning is too many.  Lesson learned!


Daddy was home for morning wake up!  (Actually Daddy was home the night before, but anything after bedtime doesn't seem to count).  Madison was ridiculously excited to see him.

We started an art playgroup as well.  My good friend has really embraced her inner art/preschool teacher and does many projects with her two boys.  Since her oldest is now in preschool two mornings a week, she wanted to do something special with her almost two year old, but all the toddler art programs seem unreasonably expensive and didn't work with her schedule.  She talked to a few friends about some ideas, and art playgroup was born! 

We started by doing some outdoor painting with different textures.  The kids used sponges, loofahs, fly swatters, traditional paint brushes, and their hands.  They had a great time and painted for almost twenty-five minutes, which is very impressive for two year olds.  Afterward they ran off for a snack and some swingset play, but we had to run and make it to Reagan's 6 month appointment.

It's crazy how different my two girls are.  Madison was almost 17 lb at her 6 month appointment, but Reagan hasn't even hit 14 yet.  She is such a little peanut.  Madison was a pretty "stable" sitter.  She sat independently early, and was totally content to sit and play with toys within her reach.  Reagan can sit independently, but only for 30-60 seconds, because she twists and turns and leans to the side and attempts to stand up!  She's also a roller, which Madison was never into.  Madison rolled over about twice, proved she could do it, and then seemed to lose interest.  Reagan is a CRAZY roller.  Where I could have left Madison totally alone on the changing table for ages (no, don't worry, I didn't.  But I COULD have), Reagan has practically launched herself off WITH both my hands on her.  She tries to roll over in the bathtub. 

We love our pediatrician and had a good talk with him about that (bet he's wishing he didn't ask how she was sitting!).  It's so interesting to watch them grow and how their personalities make themselves known.  Long story short, Reagan is doing awesome.  I was really worried about her physical milestones when she was being treated for hip dysplasia, but it seems all that was unfounded!  I'll be happy when her x-ray is over with at the end of the month and I can stop worrying about her hips.


We had a pretty lazy day.  I think we were due!  We did go to the grocery store to pick up one ingredient for dinner, and that was an adventure!  Our Stop and Shop was doing their grand re-opening, so they were giving out "passports" at the entrance.  As you stopped by all the different parts of the store, you got your passport stamped (and a free sample of something), and at the end you turned in your passport for a reusable grocery bag and a coupon book.  So instead of just picking up cheese, we took our time and did the little scavenger hunt.  Madison was VERY impressed.  She had an apple slice, a cheese slice, a chicken tender, a piece of steak, two pieces of granola bar (shockingly, she couldn't tell the difference between Quaker and the store brand), a chunk of chocolate cake, a cup of juice, and some popcorn.  I think she'll be begging to accompany me on my grocery trips from now on. 

OH, and we found she does NOT like people dressed as characters.  Good to know.

Friday night I spent grocery shopping on my own.  Thanks to our little midday excursion, I was able to do even better with my coupons than usual!  I will reiterate that I am by no means an "extreme couponer", but I do make it a little game for myself and challenge myself to do better and better. 


Mommy learned a valuable lesson:  if you have well routined kids, be VERY cautious of breaking the routine. 

We had a birthday party to attend at 2:00, and the party was about 25 minutes away.  Reagan usually wakes up from her nap around 2:00, and Madison has been taking even longer naps, usually up between 2:30 and 3.  So since we didn't want to miss too much of the party by arriving late, I tried putting the girls down early.  We went out so I could get Madison some bargain pjs at a Kohl's early bird sale, and on our way home I had pretty much convinced Madison that she was tired and it would be a GREAT idea to take an early nap.  She was agreeable enough, and was willing to go right into her crib....but then she didn't sleep well, or long.  I tried the same thing with Reagan...same issue.  Both girls are like machines.  Play/outings in the morning, lunch, naps, low key afternoon.  Luckily both girls managed to shake their crankiness during the car ride and we had a fabulous time celebrating yet another two year old!

We broke routine again coming home.  The girls were wiped out so we decided to skip baths, and just get them into pjs and into bed.  That worked pretty well (although Reagan had a harder time than she's been having), but since we had church this morning, Madison had a bath when she woke up since she was FILTHY from rolling down a hill 5 or 10 or 75 times, and she was completely thrown by that.  I think she had 15 tantrums from the time she woke up until we were in the car for church.

It's also really cute how attached she is to her family now.  We usually go to church as a family, but I had to work in the nursery today and neither Adam or I like sitting alone, so when I have nursery he'll take a Sunday off.  Today I knew I wanted to go to coffee hour and sign up for a few things, so he kept Reagan home to give me a fighting change of maneuvering around the hall.  Madison told me over and over in the car that "Reagan and Daddy are MISSING!!!"  She was very concerned.

After we got home and the girls ate and went down for their naps, I got what I call my "time off for good behavior".  Adam is trying very hard to plan his weekend activities to allow me at least a couple of hours to go off on my own.  That's a post in itself, but it was very appreciated.  I went shopping for pants.  I was unsuccessful.  I came home with three shirts for Madison.  That's a post in itself as well.

So that's what I was busy doing all week!  Is it any wonder I was in bed at 8:15 on Saturday night and was too tired to do any quality writing for the past five days?  I'm hoping that our new fall routine settles pretty quickly!  I'm having fun with it!


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Unknown said...

I love this post and hearing about your activities.

We will have to compare shopping purchases. I picked up a few things at Gymboree myself on Sunday.

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