Saturday, December 22, 2012

Momma, it's Christmas!

Every day for the past week Madison has woken up and said in a very solemn voice, "Let's make today the BEST CHRISTMAS EVER".  And every night, as we are doing our goodnight routines, she says dramatically, "Merry Christmas Momma".   Every night she tells me we're eating Christmas dinner, and whenever we remind her "not yet", she says "But tomorrow is Christmas Day!"

I think somebody gets it this year.

I am SO excited about that.  And she's getting Reagan excited, just by being excited, even though Reagan is still a little young to get it herself.

Our updated stockings.  I'm not sure what Santa will do with the middle one.  No, there is NO ADDITIONAL child on the way.  Adam just liked the idea of having our last initial to make the mantle more of a monogram.

Now, I will admit that the "best Christmas" line comes from one of her Christmas movie obsessions:  Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas.  Disney Jr has played it about 75 times over the past few weeks, and we've made it worse by DVRing it.  I'm pretty sure Madison can't read, but every time we call up the DVR list, as soon as we scroll anywhere close to it she'll say "Oooh!  Let's watch Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas!"

Madison's favorite mini-story is the Goofy one.  She calls it "Daddy and Maxie" and watches it in Adam's chair.  Because they ARE Daddy and Maxie for the duration of the show.

As much as I've tried to get her interested in some of the old Christmas classics, I don't think she's quite there yet.  Both girls wandered away from Frosty and Rudolph.  They've watched Charlie Brown, Mickey's Christmas Carol, and the Grinch, and they've enjoyed those, but the focus has definitely been on Christmas specials with characters they know (although Madison does love the Nutcracker.  I'm disturbed by the fact that when Sugar Plum and the Cavalier dance she calls them Mommy and Daddy.  But never mind).

The other show she's been obsessed with (of course) is the Little Einsteins episode called "The Christmas Wish".  More on that later.

The art in this one is pretty neat.

We decorated our tree last weekend, and made the decision NOT to gate it.  To be honest, we're more worried about Reagan, because she's constantly standing and holding onto whatever is available, whether or not it is technically appropriate to hold onto.  So we were pretty worried she'd start pulling off branches, and even if she didn't, she'd definitely try to explore all the textures on the tree.  And knock on wood, but so far, so good.  There's only a little pile of ornaments underneath the tree, and nothing they can reach is breakable.  I'd rather they enjoy the tree and have to put ornaments back on every evening than gate it and keep it distant from the girls.

My little ballerina...fascinated.

Playing the drum.

This is typically all I have to deal with at the end of the day.  I can handle that.

We saw Santa a little over a week ago, and despite the Santa fail at the church fair, both girls were big fans.  It's not that great a mall, but we have amazing luck with the Santa there.  We've had complete success with not one tear three years in a row, and Santa is such a good sport about letting us take our time.

By the way, Santa (or his elves) have QUITE the racket going on at the mall.  The elves were pretty pushy about each girl getting her own turn on Santa's lap, and then when they both did fine, having them sit together.  Great...but then they wanted to sell us pictures of all three poses.  As in PACKAGES of each pose.  As in you-should-get-this-package-because-it's-the-best-value TIMES THREE.  No, no, no combining poses into packages.  Santa's elves wanted us to buy three $45 packages.  Plus the CD with the one image on it - so 3 additional charges for 3 CDs.  Plus dated frames.  And ornaments.  Luckily, we're only slightly gullible, and bought two cheapo packages - just the solo shots, and managed to get out of there before the elves convinced us we were ruining our children's Christmas.  

Madison didn't want to tear her attention from Santa to look at the camera.  After the picture she turned right back and started the conversation over, just in case.

This kid can't take a bad picture.  Taking full advantage of that!

Reagan obviously didn't ask Santa for anything, but she was a total ham and had a great time.  Madison introduced herself to Santa, and introduced her family, several times.  Then she asked Santa for:

A Christmas Tree.  Really kiddo?  Clearly you don't remember picking out the tree.

And a Christmas wish.  This totally confused Santa and he told her he'd see what he could do if she was a good little girl.  However, since we've seen the Little Einstein episode about fifty times, we knew she was referring to the Christmas wish box that all the characters receive under their tree.  She is desperate for her own Christmas wish box.

And because Mommy is awesome, I actually can deliver on this one.  I found gift boxes at the dollar store that look exactly like the ones in the episode, and I can put both under the tree with a little "wish" note inside.  I'm pretty excited to make this our own tradition!

We also tried to make baking a tradition, although it's my kind of baking, where you use a mix and the cookies always come out.  I have no idea how people manage to take such great pictures of their kids in the act of helping bake.  I tried, I really did, but I was busy while Madison and I baked together!

Two spoons and green food coloring.  Surprisingly, it wasn't that messy!

Stirring the egg very carefully.

This seemed easier than the spoons.

Adding sprinkles...the best part!

Today we also made fudge - from scratch, thank you very much - for the first time.  It's candy cane fudge, made with white chocolate.  I normally hate white chocolate, but mixed with the candy cane bits and mint flavoring, it's actually quite tasty.  It doesn't look gorgeous, but for a first attempt, I think we did OK.  Unfortunately I have no pictures of the process.  Madison did a great job stirring, but you have to stir as you're heating it on the stove, and I was completely paranoid that during the 15 seconds it would take me to pick up the camera she would touch the burner, or the pot, or something like that.

Not pretty at all.  I need to work on presentation.

And last but not least...our elf.  Christmas the Elf.

Well, the tradition is started.  And the tradition of Mommy forgetting to move the elf is also started.  I'd say Christmas moves every other night...maybe.  However, I've told Madison that our elf is only on the lookout for good behavior to report to Santa, and he only makes the trip to the North Pole when he's got a list of things to report.  Honestly, right now, I don't think she cares.  Every once in while she'll point him out, but she is by no means fascinated by him.  Not yet anyway.  Actually, about half the time she can't find him.  He hides in toddler proof spots where he can't be touched, so he's not always obvious.  Oh well.  Mommy fail.  He's only got a few nights before flying off to the North Pole, and we'll see if she misses him!

In one of our old stockings...

With the Christmas cards.  Madison couldn't find him here.

Above the sink.  Couldn't find him here either.

She thought THIS was hysterical.  "He's watching Daddy by Daddy's chair!"

She loved this too!
I'm getting just as excited as the girls are!  Can't wait to see what Monday night and Tuesday bring for us!  Merry Christmas!

Santa will come a little late this year...I have an AMAZING giveaway coming next week.  I'm so excited for this review and giveaway that I'm having a hard time holding off.  Let's just say if you HAVEN'T become an "official" follower on the blog or liked me on Facebook yet, you're going to want to by next week.  Because you're going to want a chance to get this.  I promise, it's worth it.  I'm having a hard time coming to terms with giving this up!

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Emily said...

Very cute. What a wonderful helper you have for cooking. My boys like to touch the egg and then touch everything else in the house before washing their hands. Oh well- maybe someday baby Leeza will be my special helper. You elf is cute. Evan can find ours in the first 30 seconds of waking up. I am very ready for him to GO home to the North Pole. Merry Christmas.

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