Sunday, February 10, 2013

Snowbound...Day 3! (And DONE)

As of 9:00 this morning, we were still snowed in.

As of 2:00 this afternoon, our road is clear!  Hooray!  I'm not sure when it happened, but I'm thankful we have the ability to get out.  Even if you don't have anywhere to go, there is nothing worse than knowing that you can't.

Today we're back to the fun we had on Day 1.  The girls were happy to turn their chairs into a fort, where we shined their flashlights and read some books.

We took a break for Sofia the First.  Reagan is absolutely obsessed and dances to all the music.  True to form for my girls, there aren't many Sofia "products" out yet, but I have faith that I'll be able to find some appropriate toys for her birthday.  Although I haven't had much luck with Little Einsteins.  Yes, I know.  Ebay.  But although I love my daughters, I don't love them enough to pay $200 for a toy.

I wanted to start off the day with some fun snow projects, but we actually ended up in Madison's room, playing Hungry Hungry Hippos.  While Madison and I played a few rounds, Reagan had fun in the ball pit.  Once she was ready to make a dive for the marbles, Madison was satisfied enough to put the game safely out of her reach and they played in the toy kitchen together.

The peanut looking on as Madison and I duke it out with our Gulpy, Gulpy Gators.

Our first project of the morning was making some rainbow rice.  We made our last batch a few months ago.  I'm trying hard to find sensory play that's appropriate for both girls, and our last supply of rainbow rice was faded and dwindling, so today was a good day to add to the stash.  If you don't know, rainbow rice is very easy to make.

1 cup rice
1 Tbsp vinegar
food coloring (as much or little as you desire)

I use a mason jar.  I've seen many websites tell you to use ZipLoc bags, but I see that ending very poorly.

Mix the ingredients (I make two cups at a time) and shake until the rice is completely coated.  Madison and I took turns shaking the jar.

Dump on a foil lined baking tray.

Repeat for as many colors as you'd like (we made four today - I only had 8 cups of rice).

Bake at 200 for 30 minutes, or until dry.  You can also lay it in a sunny spot, but that takes much longer.

Dump and play!

Madison chose our colors today.

The new rice and the old rice.

Hunting for treasure!

Both girls played for a long time.  Although Reagan did put some in her mouth initially, I didn't worry since it was all food, and not nearly big enough to choke on.  It must not have tasted great though, because she quickly stopped.  We added some fake jewels and gold coins and made it a treasure hunt, until Reagan started putting the jewels in her mouth.  Madison and I did a quick sweep of the jewels and stored them safely until Reagan wandered off, and then she started burying jewels again.  Fun!

It must have been an exhausting morning because both girls took a three hour nap. At the same time.  Go ahead, hate me.  It doesn't happen often.  I took absolutely no cleaning advantage.  I read magazines, finished my coffee, and caught up on some DVR'd shows.  It was heaven.

After they woke up and had a snack, we went outside to play.  It was cold today, but not windy.  The girls had a great time.

Yup, that is a BIG pile of snow.  And tractor tracks.

She barely made a dent!

Reagan in her sled.  I love how she's poking one finger out.

Madison in HER sled.  She LOVED sledding today.


She's actually really happy.  She just doesn't look it.

Remember the giant pile of snow?  Adam and Madison attempting to conquer it.  They succeeded, and luckily, it was Adam who discovered that the snow was MUCH more powdery on the other side!

We came in and played with goop.  (I've also seen this called Gak, ooblank, and various other weird words).  Another recipe I can handle, and another one where I don't care how much ends up in the mouth.

2 cups cornstarch
1 cup water
food color or liquid watercolor to coloring

I made each girl their own mixing bowl, sat them on the kitchen floor, and just let them have at it in their playclothes.  It's just messy.  I know that some people use it as a science project (is it a liquid? Is it a solid?) but we just had messy fun.

Side note: If any of you are Big Bang fans, this is the solution they use when they are making that blob dance on the speaker.  We didn't do that.  Nor did I reference it to my girls.  But there you are.

We ended the day with a movie and pizza, since leaving the house was again possible, and it felt like we should celebrate with take out.  Perfect.  (The movie was Tangled. Again.  I told Madison she could pick a princess.  She picked Snow White, which we don't own, and Sleeping Beauty, which we also don't own.  I guess I should be happy that Rapunzel was her third choice).

I realized it was Reagan's first time eating pizza!  I wish it wasn't so blurry!

Looking at the camera is totally unnecessary when Tangled is on.

As far as snowbound weekends go, I loved my cozy weekend with my family!

I have tons of pictures on my phone of playing outside and playing with goop.  Take my word for it, they are adorable.  However, gmail, samsung, and toshiba are conspiring against me and I canNOT for the life of my get them loaded into blogger.  I'm hoping all of these devices are just having a simultaneous moment, and will be kind to me later.  But right now I'm very close to throwing something, so I'm giving up, posting what I have, and taking a bubble bath with a glass of wine.  Check my facebook page to see if I've managed!  

Update: I managed!  Enjoy the snow and goop pictures!
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