Monday, March 18, 2013

Catching Up

I'm not focused enough to write a real post. Time to catch up!  One of the bloggers I love calls this kind of post "blogkeeping".

Well, it's here!

Thank you Uncle Sam, for holding all that money from us last year, because it allowed us to make a big splurge and get an amazing outdoor area!

Yes, we realize that a big refund is actually NOT a goal to strive for.  I suspect losing an income last February, adding a dependent, and doing a major refinance had something to do with it.  In case anyone is wondering - as I know at least ONE person was - because we bought the display model and bought in February, we got an amazing deal that actually included the installation. We saved well over 50% of the total value. The couponer in me was thrilled.

It's been a busy couple of days, getting the yard ready.  Adam did about 95% of the work, but that meant that I didn't get my usual weekend break. The time that he'd typically spend with the girls was spent outside, cutting the remains of a downed tree, hauling away all our wild rose vines that overtake the wood line and try to choke out everything else, and getting the ground marked off. Considering it was about 35 degrees, this was pretty impressive for us.

And today, we got to turn it over to the pros. They got there just when they said they would, were unbelievably efficient, and had the area completely weed blocked and edged, and the structure completely built and mulched within a few hours. I can't imagine how long it would have taken us (and by us, I mean Adam and whoever he convinced to help him).

I wanted to get a true "before" picture, but those guys were FAST.

Three guys who do this for a living. Much more efficient!

Halfway point.

The timing was perfect because they got started as the girls were eating lunch. Madison saw the pieces, but headed up for a nap before she started begging to go out, and both girls were awake and had their snack when we were able to try it out.

It was 28 degrees.

Madison was determined. She climbed ladders, tried all three slides, played in the sandbox, spun the wheel, and looked through the binoculars. The only thing she wouldn't try was the swings, which wasn't surprising. She played with Adam until he insisted she head in for the night.

Reagan tried...but she's a lightweight like me when it comes to cold.  She went in her swing for a while and enjoyed it, and we had her slide down a few times.  However, once I put her down to take a few pictures, she decided that it was much too cold for her.  I took one for the team, and brought her back inside. The things we do for our kids.

Now we're getting more snow.  Honestly, if it's SNOW, and Madison is up for it, I'll probably bundle her up and let her play anyway.  But if the forecasts can be believed, by the time we'd be ready to head outside, it'll be slush and freezing rain, and I need to draw the line somewhere.

Anyway, that's the long way of saying that I didn't get my usual amount of relaxation this weekend, and that's why my brain isn't that focused. I don't quite have it in me to write my usual post.  Madison has now had a tantrum the past three nights at bedtime, never quite making it to epic, but enough where we're sort of wondering if anything is going on. Since that's an exhausting end to the evening, and I only write after the girls are in bed, my focus is even less than it could be.

See how incoherent that last paragraph is?  I was about to delete it, but it proves my point. Tired Meredith = unfocused writing.  I really need a blog mentor to get me back on track when I hit these kinds of nights. (And to help me figure out about 1000 other things....any volunteers?)

I hosted a giveaway for the book I Just Want to Pee Alone, which full of awesomeness. A winner was selected and I posted that on Facebook. If you didn't win, don't despair! You can find the book on Amazon, iTunes and many other places.  And HERE'S a carrot I can dangle. I'm really close to 200 fans on Facebook. If I hit 200 this week I will give away a second copy!

In a week, another blogger that I love will have her book release, and I'll be reviewing and giving away a copy of her book as well!

All these books releasing is making me REALLY want to write a book of my own. Sounds plausible, right? The mom who can't write a coherent post authoring a book?

Hoping by tomorrow we have an easy day at home, I stay caught up around the house, and I'm focused enough by the evening to get something much more coherent out!

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