Friday, March 8, 2013

Dear Mother Nature, Enough is Enough

Ugh, another snowbound day.

Disclaimer: this post contains more than my usual amount of whining. If that annoys you, you should probably stop reading right now. 

March is probably my least favorite month of the year.

I know plenty of people love to hate winter as a whole, but I enjoy having all four seasons. Snow is pretty, snow is fun, in moderation. And at the proper point.  Snow in January seems right.  Even February is just fine with me.

Snow in March gives me cabin fever.

By March, I'm tired of the snow. I'm tired of the cold. I'm tired of runny noses. I'm tired of high oil bills. I'm beyond tired of bundling the girls up, and finding indoor activities for them to get their energy out.  I'm ready for short sleeves, and throwing open the windows to get some fresh air!  I'm ready for spring already!

I think I'm just exhausted when we get to the end of these "extreme" New England seasons.  Usually, by the end of the hot days of summer, I feel the same. I get tired of bathing suits and trying to keep both kids covered in sunscreen.  I'm ready to turn off the AC and throw open the windows and let the crisp fall air in. I'm ready to retire the shorts and welcome fall.

I've just hit my wall. I am tired of winter.

A week or so ago, we made a major purchase: a playscape. The bargain shopper in me was thrilled that we caught a major sale on the models. We are getting a crazy playscape for over 50% off, plus free delivery and assembly, so of course, we bought a little bigger than we anticipated.  I am so excited to let the girls loose outside.  In just over a week, we're due to have this amazing monstrosity of fun erected in our yard.

That is, assuming we can see the ground again.

We just got a glimpse of our ground again, now that the three feet we got a month ago has finally melted. Adam set aside a few hours this weekend to get the area prepped. 

This particular snowstorm was supposed to give us about 3 inches.  Right now, we're getting close to a foot.

Plus, this snow was supposed to be over by now.  It's afternoon and it's still coming down.

That means we probably won't be playing outside today. Madison hates the wind and hates when anything blows in her face, and despite being a winter baby, Reagan doesn't like the cold.  We've already done some fun indoor activities.  We watched a few movies.  We'll probably take the snow inside again. We normally don't go out on Fridays anyway, but something about the snow forcing an inside day makes me feel trapped.

Middle of the day bath with bath paint.  It's all fun and games until someone paints her eye.

I need to go grocery shopping.  Yeah, we could make it until tomorrow, but I didn't think it would be necessary to postpone, so I didn't plan to be stuck today.  We're out of milk, we're out of eggs, we're out of bananas.  I need to get out, and soon, before the girls figure out what we're missing and start begging for it.

And more importantly, I'm supposed to have a girls' night out tonight. I need this night out. From the moment Reagan's party ended on Saturday, I began a week of solo parenting while Adam was at a massive conference in Vegas, staying in a fancy suite and eating fancy restaurant food and seeing a Carrie Underwood concert (and, if you listen to him, attending about 47 meetings a day).

He's home now, and although the girls were really good this week (they slept, they ate, they kept meltdowns a minimum), after party planning, and being solo for a week, I need a break. A real break (as opposed to a trip the grocery store, or to return bottles and can, or those other chores I manage to break away for).

Yes Mom, I'll be responsible. If it's not safe to go out tonight, I won't. I'll be a big girl and I'll drown my disappointment in leftover birthday cupcakes and a bubble bath (with a nice big glass of Mommy juice).

But spring better be ready and right around the corner.  Otherwise....

Ok, I've got nothing. But for the sake of my sanity, and my reputation as a good, fun, patient mom, Mother Nature needs to make the switch NOW!

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