Wednesday, March 6, 2013

How does she KNOW????

Today I was in Target with the girls.

Sidenote: it was actually my second trip to Target today. Reagan and I killed an hour in there this morning while Madison was at her School Skills class. Then during naptime I realized we hadn't gotten about half of my list, and the half we missed was the half that I actually needed TODAY. I know I'm not alone in that.  Target has some sort of mind control that forces you to fill a cart with things you don't need, and purposely forget things you do, causing you to come back. I'm onto you, Target.

We were wandering down the aisle with the sippy cups, looking for a new milk cup for Reagan, and Madison started calling out

"Mommy! We get this cup for Reagan! It has Elmo!"

"Mommy! Look! I have this Dora cup?"

That shouldn't be weird to me, right? Dora and Elmo are staples of the preschool set.  That's why they're on sippy cups, and snacks, and underwear, and pretty much everything else.  Kids see their favorite characters, they beg for the product. Brilliant merchandising.

Right, except my children have never seen an episode of Dora, or Sesame Street.   

So how on earth does she know???

Dora I can understand. We don't watch the show (I don't like it, and I still control the remote), but we do watch other shows on Nick Jr, and in between they'll show songs, or promote upcoming episodes, and she could have easily picked that up.

I know it's not a bad show. But I can't STAND her voice.

Elmo is a little more confusing. She's never seen Sesame Street. In fact, she's never watched the channel. No DVDs, no books, no real "introduction" to the seductive powers of the red monster.

Yet over a year ago, she started pointed to her diapers and saying "Elmo!"

Everyone knows Elmo!

In elementary school, I understand. Kids talk. But when Madison plays with kids her age, they don't spend a lot of time chatting.  They just ... play.  They don't discuss who is excited about the new Mickey episode coming out this Friday.

Sidenote 2: I currently hate Disney Jr for their promo tactics.  They have been teasing this new episode for WEEKS now. Every single time Madison sees the promo she asks to watch "Crystal Mickey". And two year olds don't understand "it doesn't air until a week from Friday".

Anyway, she hasn't been to daycare in over a year, she only watches TV at home, and I've never introduced her.  So the question remains

How does she KNOW????

I used to feel this way about the princesses too. I had no idea how she picked up the concept.  However, we've become complete enablers in this house, so it doesn't bother me as much.

My only theory is that somehow, all children are born wired to gravitate toward little girls with big eyes who yell and red monsters that speak in adorable toddler voices.

But that doesn't explain how she knows their names...

Is there some sort of toddler orientation program that is mandatory and hidden from parents?  When to tantrum...what foods to eat/reject....and a full bio on Elmo?

Maybe I'll just ignore it.  Hey, it worked in Target today!

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