Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Just Fine

It's been a busy few days here!

Madison and Adam spent Saturday at Ferrari day, Sunday was all about birthday fun, and yesterday we were out late (well, late in toddler world) with our CA family.

Over these few days, Madison and Reagan have been switching off who is living in meltdown central. It's been hot, they've been waking up early and not napping well, and they've been staying up later than usual.

Today we had the morning off from dance class. I knew this free morning was coming, so I'd initially planned to take the girls to a splash pad.

Then it was rainy.

At first I was disappointed. I actually posted on my personal Facebook wall this morning that we didn't have plans, and several friends offered suggestions. Good suggestions, easy suggestions, free suggestions. I went into our recently cleaned dining room and started assessing the craft/art area for some things to pull out.

Then I looked at my girls, still happily in their pajamas, playing with a mix of new birthday toys and old favorites. Together.

And I designated a lazy day.

We played, we watched some TV, we stayed in our pajamas.

With the exception of one overtired three year old epic meltdown, it was the perfect day. We had a lazy morning, had a lazy lunch, the girls took long naps, and we went right back to being lazy when they woke up.

We watched a thunderstorm.

The girls helped me pull laundry out of the dryer.

They took turns riding Madison's new scooter in the kitchen.

Despite trying to put the helmet on her feet, Reagan is actually pretty good, even being a peanut!

We watched a movie.

Did we do anything Pinterest worthy? No.

Did we adhere to a schedule? Do any learning time? No.

Did we even get out of our pajamas? No.

I almost felt guilty about that.

Then I decided that was completely absurd.

On a rainy day, we chose to be lazy. Thoroughly, completely, wonderfully lazy.

Sometimes it's ok to take a day off. There's no guilt in that. No, there weren't many pictures that I will proudly share.

And that is just fine.
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