Sunday, July 21, 2013

Wrapping it Up - Volume 7

Today is Madison's birthday! I officially have a three year old!

It's been a crazy day of birthday fun. We went out for a family breakfast, had Madison's birthday party at Gymboree, then had family over for presents, pizza and cake. We are all exhausted, but it was a great day. A blog post about birthday fun will be in the works soon!

Highlights of the Week

I shared my final archive post (for now). I remember being so excited when I originally wrote my twenty fifth post!

I celebrated my "blogiversary" and reflected on things that I've learned in the past year.

Barbie arrived in our house and it threw me - but not for the reasons I was expecting.

Noteworthy Happenings

It was so hot and humid this week that everyone was getting cranky and lazy. We did our regular activities, but other than that, we hung out in the air conditioning.

Yesterday, Adam took Madison to Ferrari Day at a racetrack about an hour away from us. It's become sort of a "birthday weekend" tradition. Last year they had a great time.

This year, it was basically one day long meltdown. Poor Adam. Of course, she did come home and tell me that Daddy needs a Ferrari, so it seems they had some time to bond.

Great Things to Read

Kerry from HouseTalkN had a piece In the Powder Room about phrases that really irritate her. I have a few that bug me too. Just saying.

Lori was on Scary Mommy again, talking about those early days with her twins and the comments people made when she was really in the weeds and just trying to get by. She got flamed in the comments, but she stayed strong. Some people have nothing better to do than try to start conflict.

I read other stuff this week, but I can't find where I wrote it down. And I'm too tired to look for it.

On Facebook

I didn't share any pictures, which is weird for me. But I did have two statuses that people seemed to relate to. 

This totally worked. My car was done at 10:30. Please know that I was totally pleasant and did actually need to be dropped off then because of Adam's schedule. Still, it worked, so I may use it again.

The meltdowns are getting worse. I love Madison, I do, but WOW, these meltdowns are killing me.

I'm really trying to keep active on Twitter.

I'm really afraid of draining my battery, but we need the AC running. We sat in the car for about 20 minutes. I did waste a little gas, but it was worth it to keep the nap.

Can we say meltdown? Wow.

I intended to take Reagan out for a Mommy/Reagan day, but she was having so much fun having run of the toys that I couldn't do it.


No real blogkeeping this week! There's a lot that I need to do, personally, to improve this space, but that's not really anything interesting to anyone else. Of course, Sarah is on vacation this week, so we'll see what actually gets done.

Have a great week!
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