Sunday, July 7, 2013

Wrapping it Up Volume 5

Happy Fourth (or Seventh) of July!

We spent most of the weekend at the pool. Madison still cries during her lessons when she's asked to actually do things (you know, kick, blow bubbles, whatever) but when she's not working in the pool, she's turned into quite the waterbug. As for Reagan, she has no fear. She's not allowed in the big pool, since she's not potty trained yet, but she tries, and she "swims" in the baby pool for hours.

The weather here has been oppressively hot and humid, so by the time we get home at dinnertime, we're crashing. Most nights I've been relaxing with a cold drink and TV with the central air and ceiling fan - I know, rough. So there isn't much to wrap up. Yet, here we go!

Highlights of the Week

Two more archive posts! One of my favorites from November with Dr. Madison, and one from last August about taking a "weekend away".

I originally thought I'd share my Top Ten posts leading up to my "Blogiversary", but I don't think I'm going to make it. That's OK. Two a week feels just right to me, and if that leaves me at eight, I'm OK with it.

I only posted one new post here - I was fed up with our current evening routine. Well, since I posted that, we were totally out of routine due to the holiday weekend. I guess we're better - this week will be a better test. After a night where Madison chose to sit in time out for forty five minutes instead of helping to clean up (self imposed and was told multiple times she was free to leave but it was cleaning time) I was feeling pretty discouraged, but it does take time to break a habit.

Most exciting - I had a post on Scary Mommy this week! What an experience. In the world of blogging, I'm super small potatoes, and Jill is not. While it was unbelievable to write for such a big audience, that meant that I had a huge amount of people commenting, and not all of them were nice. I knew some negativity was inevitable, but since I didn't think I wrote anything inflammatory, I didn't expect quite as much. There was a part of the day where I sort of wanted to curl up and hide, but overall, the positive far outweighed the negative. I was so excited to see the number of shares. If you haven't been there yet, check it out!

Noteworthy Happenings

Madison started her summer dance class. We're doing a session at her old studio before switching to another much closer in the fall. Although Madison has been to the new studio and seemed to like it, she is going to have a tough time saying goodbye to her current teacher. She absolutely adores her, and now that she gets to wear tap shoes as well - she just can't get over how wonderful Miss Alicia is.

We spent the 4th with a cookout here (after pool time of course) with my best friend and her family. My girls love her boys, and they're Reagan's godparents. The kids were completely worn out after an afternoon and evening of swimming, running and playing.

Great Things to Read

My friend Sarah reshared her July 4th experience from last year. Let's just say it wasn't hot dogs and swimming. I was fascinated.

I participated in a great Link Up that JD Bailey started on her blog Honest Mom, called Honest Voices. Read through the list at the bottom of her post, and you'll find some great stories to read.

On Facebook

Well, I didn't do much this week. I didn't share much beyond my personal blog posts. I was clearly feeling lazy, because these were my only two comments. 

And I tweeted...once.

I was actually really proud of finding that moment. They needed to sit and rest and cool down, but if I waited until they started acting like that to give them popsicles, I'd be rewarding cranky behavior. And if I gave them popsicles too soon, I wouldn't get the benefit for as long. I know it seems like a stupid First World problem, but it's a balancing act. And I did it!


Not much going on. Light week for everything. I'm getting close to 400 Facebook fans, and that makes me really excited. My goal was 500 by my Blogiversary, and I don't think I'll quite make it, but 400 would feel pretty darn good.

Don't forget - Google Reader is goneMake sure you follow me on Facebook or Bloglovin so you get all my posts in an organized way!

We're gearing up for a busy week here - have a great one wherever you are!
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