Monday, September 2, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up - Volume 12

Yup, it's Monday. But it was a long weekend, so it's the end of the weekend. See, I'm not late, just following the natural way of things.

Highlights of the Week

Two posts again - I am definitely feeling the end of the summer.

I posted about potty training. I totally forgot to share this post, so only about 3 people saw it (ok, more than 3, but definitely not many). Check it out - I definitely know what I'm changing before I go through the process again with Reagan.

We got ready for preschool and Madison had one of those cringe worthy meltdowns in Toys R Us. I'm happy to report that we presented her with the big girl backpack the next day and she was very excited about it. She still talks endlessly about Sofia's bedroom and how next time we'll get that instead, so I need to be very careful about going near Toys R Us right now. Online shopping may be my best friend.

We changed up the bedtime routine. I'm shocked, amazed, and thrilled with the results. I had a feeling it would help but I had no idea it would help so fast or work so well. We went from screaming and fighting every step of the process to no fighting at all. None. ZERO. Today was the only day that seemed like it would be a little shaky, and that was because we were at a faux "cookout" (inside) and it threw us off. Even that didn't make a huge difference once the process got started. It's awesome. Now I need to make sure that I don't get lazy, because our nights just got a lot less stressful.

And of course, I posted about removing crayon from every surface in my house. I have no idea who Reagan's supplier is, but she keeps getting her hands on them. Thank goodness I know what works now.

Noteworthy Happenings

Sarah's officially back to school and I'm back to just me. I'm definitely going to miss those few hours a week where I could sit in Starbucks and write, or run those errands that aren't easy with toddlers, or clean and organize the girls' bedrooms.

Reagan had her first day of gymnastics. No pictures. Why, you ask? Veteran parents should be able to figure that out. Let an extremely active 18 month old climber loose in a room full of apparatus to climb and watch her mother dash after her. I think I just found my new weekly exercise.

By the way, here is a fantastic shot of her ability.

This is absolutely NOT staged. I heard her in the bathroom chattering and went to see if she was on the stepstool. Nope.

Oh, by the way, Reagan absolutely adored the "action" part of the class. No fear on the beam, no fear on the trampoline, loved the obstacle course. But it's a class of 12 kids, most of whom are closer to the older end of the age range, and there was a lot of waiting our turn, which is near impossible for a young toddler. Any suggestions for keeping her occupied and happy while waiting?

Madison has another week before big girl school starts, but Mommy got her first homework assignment in the mail - several pages of information to help them get to know who she is and how she learns. I thought I'd handled all the paperwork, so this was quite a surprise. But it's done, and she's ready! One more week!

Today really felt like the end of summer - it was the last day for the pool. Unfortunately it was a really icky day for the pool. We tried, we did, but a few rumbles of thunder and they blew the horn. Doubly disappointing - I had two kids scared of the sound AND had to repack us back up and explain that actually, no, we couldn't come back tomorrow. Hopefully we'll keep swimming throughout the year and next year the pool will be a huge success.


I had a lot to say this week! First I agonized over the master bedroom decor.

Poor Adam. I texted him picture of the bedding in the package, out of the package, on the bed. I am the most indecisive decorator EVER.

How long will I keep the master bedroom looking showroom ready?

Yes, we have a surge protector. But Adam is very protective of this particular TV. Thankfully the storms finally passed and Mommy got her coffee time.

Rubbing eyes, weeping, but NOT TIRED.

I also shared a link to a left/right brain test. I was really impressed that so many of you were able to see her spinning both ways, and became obsessed with seeing if I could too. Result? I can. But it's a lot of effort. My brain is definitely wired one way.

No tweeting this week. I wasn't up for being witty in 140 characters or less. 

Bloggers to Check Out

Two of my ABSOLUTE favorites.

Norine and Jessica run a blog called Science of Parenthood. Their illustrations are hilarious and spot on. They are truly the Big Bang Theory of mommy blogs and I am a HUGE Big Bang Theory fan! Here's an example.

And of course, JD Bailey over at Honest Mom.  She blogs about raising two little girls and battling depression. Sometimes she's funny, sometimes she's introspective, but she is always honest. She's been featured on Katie Couric's show and everything. I'm honored to have her as a blogger friend. This week she wrote about beginning the school year...with lice.


Nothing new here! I've been spending some time cleaning up links, so hopefully it's a better look. I've been informed by many that my photo is very out of date, so hopefully soon I'll have a new one!

Happy September!
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