Sunday, September 22, 2013

Wrapping it Up - Volume 15

Hats off to you single moms...hats off to you military moms and wives. Two toddlers - on my own - just wore me down this week. And that was only 8 days of (mostly) solo parenting. Adam is home, the golf tournament is over, and I'm thrilled to have a second grown up again!

Highlights of the Week

So if you follow my blog, and I really hope you do, you probably noticed by about mid-week, that I took the week off.

Three things piled up at once. Adam was gone for the majority of the week, our fall schedule isn't quite routine yet, and Madison isn't napping.

Monday night, when I'd been alone just about 36 hours, I sat down to write my post. And nothing. None of the the ideas on my list seemed right, I didn't have anything more to add to my drafts, and nothing new had come to me. I was just tired.

I went to my blogging friends, asking for an idea, a guest post, a kick in the butt, and they gave me a great answer

Take a break.

Now they probably didn't mean take a long break, but at that moment it was really clear that either I could put out some half-hearted stuff, just to keep going, or I could stop and breath and get the rest of my life in order. And I did.

So when ideas came to me during the week, I opened my drafts, opened my notebook, and jotted down the idea. When other things popped in, I wrote them down. But I completely took the pressure off myself to write a full post. When I opened my laptop at night, it was to mess around on Facebook, clean out my email, or watch videos on Amazon.

Bottom line? No posts. But now I'm recharged and ready to get back on track!

Noteworthy Happenings

Madison had her dental checkup. Poor Beth the hygienist. Poor Dr. M. the dentist. Madison was nervous all morning, didn't want to get in the chair, and then spent almost the entire time there screaming, crying and clamping her mouth shut. And while all this was happening, Reagan was escaping from the exam room and running through the office.

I decided not to make our next appointment until I know Adam's travel schedule.

Other than that, not much noteworthy. I cleaned out the girls' clothes, switching summer to fall. I adore this time of year, but 38 degree mornings and 70 degree afternoons are tricky to dress toddlers for! This was a major undertaking, and I sort of hated myself for choosing that time to do it, but it's done, and they're ready for fall!


I didn't write, but I didn't go completely media silent. I did continue to post on Facebook and even did some tweeting!

I LOVE NickMom. Bingo!

I can't get behind pumpkin EVERYTHING. No bagels or anything crazy. But I do love my pumpkin coffee!

This is one of the many preschool-isms that has infiltrated the house. Respect for rules. Not arguing.

I really love my blogger friends.

So uncool. If you think you like my page, but don't see these posts, please make sure Facebook hasn't tried to take over and decided what you should like. And comments make me smile. So that's important too.

Love Motherhood, WTF. I never know which way to go.

Bloggers to Check Out

Two new ones to share.

Kathy is an amazing friend - online or otherwise. Her blog, My Dishwasher's Possessed, is funny and full of heart. Do more than check her out. Follow her and make a friend. She's awesome - truly.

A new discovery of mine is Carisa at Do You Read Me? She writes so much and has a great range.


It's dusty. I haven't even opened Blogger in a full week. Tomorrow the cobweb eradication begins!

Have a great week!
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