Sunday, September 29, 2013

Wrapping it Up - Volume 16

After a week of getting on back on track with Adam home, we're on the eve of another long trip and long week of solo parenting. Now that I've got a better handle on our fall schedule, I think I'm ready!

Highlights of the Week

I was ready to write again!

I got the opportunity to review these adorable squeaky shoes from Yochi Yochi. Reagan loved them, I loved them, and I'm sort of wishing I could shrink her feet so she could keep wearing them! I may need to get another pair soon because they are so stinking cute. I do think I've found a really neat first birthday gift for any babies I encounter. In case you thought they were too girly, know that they do come in other styles. I love the pandas, but the frogs are super cute too.

I thought back to my favorite series from my elementary school days and realized that the moms in those books had it great. Although many of you did point out that these sitters were young. I'm not sure I would feel totally confident with an 11 or 12 year old watching the girls!  Although I do know some friends who have middle school aged kids who babysit, and I'll admit, if I lived closer to them I would be happy to give them my business. So I suppose it depends on the kid.

I also posted about not letting Facebook get me down. I had a few people misunderstand my point. I'm not telling you what to post. I think posting highlights is great - I do it myself! I'm not saying those people are lying in any way. I'm also not saying that more people should use social media to complain so that it feels more "truthful".  Post whatever you want to share!

What I was trying to say is that people, myself especially, need to remember that social media is a snapshot of life and should be looked as such. Whether someone is posting all happy moments or only when they're venting, you aren't looking at the whole picture. And that's important to remember before comparing someone's highlights to your own life.

Noteworthy Happenings

Yesterday we did a spur of the moment trip to the apple orchard. It was the first time both girls would be walking and picking, and we weren't sure how they'd handle it, so we kept it small and local.

They had a great time. Madison was really into it and we could have come home with bushels if we'd wanted to. Reagan loved it too, but she really wanted to pick up the apples she could reach without assistance...which were the apples rotting on the ground. Once we realized that she'd do best in someone's arms, she did much better. We picked enough to eat for the next week or so, and enough to make dessert that night - apple crumble!

Madison is turning into an excellent helper in the kitchen. She loves to bake. With the exception of coring the apples and using the oven, she did this almost entirely independently. I did help measure and kept an eye on what she dumped where, but she made this crumble.


By the way, many of you have asked about the knives. They are Curious Chef and totally toddler friendly. Madison did slip yesterday cutting the apples, and did notice, but drew no blood. Perfect learning tool. Here's the Amazon link (yes, it is an affiliate link, as are the shoe links. If you buy I think I get five cents. Maybe six. Don't worry, I won't spend it all in one place).


Figures...I was writing, so I wasn't super active on Facebook and Twitter. Here is what I did share.

Bloggers to Check Out

Two new ones to share.

Lisa blogs at Notes From the Shallow End. She is awesome and officially recognized as awesome by Blogger Idol! Definitely worth checking out!

Joy is over at Evil Joy Speaks. I love reading her posts and hearing her take on being home with her FOUR kids!


Changes are coming. I got some great ideas for improvement and I'm planning on slowly implementing them this week. 

One of the big changes will be the main picture! This picture is horribly out of date...I think Reagan was 6 months old. Time for an update.

The question is: what kind of picture would you like to see replace it? A fun, informal shot? A posed portrait where we're all looking at the camera? The whole family? The girls only? What would be your ideal choice? Let me know in the comments!

Have a great week!
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