Saturday, March 22, 2014

And Then It Happened

It wasn't my imagination.

It wasn't just wishful thinking.

It actually happened.

The book, I Just Want to Be Alone, was published. It's officially available on Amazon, iTunes, Nook and Barnes and Noble (the site, not the store). And all kinds of other e-readers. You can read it on your phone. You can hold it in your hand.

Of course, I'm not yet holding it in MY hand, because I ordered sippy cup straws when I ordered my books, and that totally confused Amazon, and it didn't ship, even with my prime. I get mine on Tuesday. But it showed up on my Kindle this morning, and that made me happy. I can hold my Kindle in my hand.

Reviews are coming in.

I have an author page on Amazon.

Friends are emailing and texting.

"I read your chapter and it was SO FUNNY!"

"Your book shipped! I get it Monday!" (By the way, I hate you for that. SO not fair). 

It's a crazy feeling. I remember when I reviewed Jen's first book, and her first anthology, and I wondered if I would ever get the chance to get to that point with my writing. And's happened. Crazy. It's the kind of moment you bask in.

Of course, it's also a regular Saturday and I didn't get to bask for long. The girls, still adjusting to time changes and new beds and weird schedules from the stomach bug they had earlier this week, were up and raring to go at five this morning...just like they were yesterday. Reagan's diapers needed changing and sippy cups needed filling and breakfast needed making.Madison started gymnastics today and I found the leotard and packed a busy bag for each girl and wrote the check and filled out the form and snapped a few pictures. Reagan had a thirty minute tantrum. A friend from preschool had a birthday party we had to rush to. Dinner needed to be made and errands needed to be run. Bedtime still happened tonight.

Scratch that. I didn't get to bask at all.

But if I weren't a mom, if I weren't a wife, if my life was different, I wouldn't have a book to contribute to. I wouldn't have these stories.

Thank you to everyone who supported this crazy idea, who was excited when I was excited, who bought the book and read the book and left an Amazon review and smiled when this moment happened.

Bask or no bask, early rising, preschool party, tantrum and feels like a great day.

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And again, I can't believe I'm typing these words, but if you are interested in a SIGNED COPY, email me at
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