Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Company I Keep - Part One

I've spent the past few weeks in a weird place - promoting a book that I still can't believe I have a spot in. Bloggers who have more funny in their little finger than I have in my entire body will only be a few pages away from me in an actual book. A book you can find on Amazon. A book you can find on iTunes. A book that I'll be holding in my hands in just a few weeks. I read their writing on NickMom, on Babble, in the Huffington Post, and I still don't believe that they know I exist, let alone chatting with me about setting up signings and readings.

Can you tell I was never the popular girl?

A few months ago, I had a chance to meet Amy of Funny Is Family. It turns out that Amy and I live only one town away from each other, and I love following her blog. Not only does she write about her two young kids and laugh about the fact that she's considered a housewife, even without owning a single strand of pearls and only one apron, she shares a crock pot recipe every Thursday. After reading her part in our awesome book, I know that she's lucky enough to have a hubby who has embraced fatherhood so deeply that he was ready to try for number 2 when number 1 was only a week old. That's dedication.

Other than Amy, the rest of my blogging friends live only the internet for me, though I suspect I'll be meeting many of them in the next few months. But as we chat together about book stuff, I'm learning a lot about them. And because bloggers, by their trade, are pretty open, I probably know more about them than I know about my best friends. Today I'm sharing just a few of them.

I know that Christine of Keeper of the Fruit Loops (because Martina McBride is the Keeper of the Cheerios) truly hates mean moms. She and I shared experiences when mean moms made us cry for feeling like we were failing. She wrote about it and put them in their place so thoroughly that I need to stand up and applaud her. She and I are kindred spirits in more ways than one - she too is still pinching herself that she's in the same room with these awesome women, but I can say for sure that she belongs there. In the book she establishes what kind of mother-in-law she'll be - one who makes sure her son is the kind of husband all women want.

I know that Abby has Issues. Literally. She's been published in magazines. Oh, and she has the other kind of issues too (don't we all). And a garden gnome named Uncle June (from the Sopranos of course) who travels with her. And a firm belief that she really just wants to sleep alone. If you ever talk to her, and your age no longer ends in "-teen", don't say "cray cray" or "adorbs". Just don't.

I know that Courtney of Our Small Moments and Kathy of Kissing the Frog have both experienced grief and loss that has never left them, but they are able to smile at the world around them and find ways to laugh. Courtney knows that you can be searching for two dollars in change to afford an ice cream to share with your hubby and still have a marriage rich in love and laughs. Kathy knows the value of an "all-inclusive" resort, and so does her hubby.

I know that Stephanie of When Crazy Meets Exhaustion is going both crazy from hormones and exhausted from her third pregnancy, but it's really her hubby who has nesting tendencies...even though his nesting should probably be kept as far as possible from the sensitive nostrils of pregnant women. However, he lets her splurge on diaper bags, so he's a keeper too.

This is just a few of the ladies that I'm happy to keep company with, and I'm excited to share more as the week goes on. If you haven't gotten a chance to pre-order, make sure you do! Here are the other bloggers I'm sharing space with!

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Magnolia Ripkin

I'm shocked that I have to write this, but for those of you have asked for signed copies, email me at, and we'll work it out. I mean, if you're sure you want me writing in your book!
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