Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas Cuteness Captured

I love the One Day app.

Love love it. I love that my girls love being interviewed. I love that Madison tries to be the videographer and interview Reagan (although she doesn't quite have it down). I love that I can capture not only their thoughts, but their little voices, right now, on the fly, and I don't have to worry about sitting down and editing anything.

This month One Day has their holiday interview questions ready to go. I interviewed both Madison and Reagan about Santa and here's what I learned.

1) Reagan is definitely focused on a "Milli" toy (as in Milli Measure from Team Umizoomi). We recorded her interview a few times (because she kept getting up and walking away) and she was hyper focused. A Milli toy. A Milli toy. A Milli toy. After searching through several Toys R Us stores, Adam and I admitted defeat and paid the premium on Amazon.

(Can I mention how irritating it is that my kids become obsessed with fairly obscure shows? We went through this a few years ago with Little Einsteins. On second thought, I think I'd rather this than Dora or Calliou. Never mind).

I kept hoping that I was mishearing her and it was a Minnie toy (like Santa guessed and which are readily available at any number of stores near you), but no such luck.

2) Neither girl has any idea what the names of the reindeer are. They know Rudolph, but beyond that they can't be bothered. They do, however, remember the names of the fake reindeer on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Of course they do.

3) Logistics are not a concern. Santa is coming. He's making our wishes come true. All that business about what he does all summer or how he gets in the house...inconsequential. No one cares. Don't question the magic.

Ready for the cuteness?

Cuteness. Cuteness everywhere.

Oh, and there's a great giveaway going on. $150 Visa gift card? That might work really well for finding some toys that Santa (cough) couldn't manage to get his hands on.

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