Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Giving Tuesday with Everyday Money

Next Tuesday, December 1, is Giving Tuesday. One of the lessons I'm working with Madison (and Reagan too!) is how she can work on using the resources she has to give back.

A few weeks ago I had a pretty cool opportunity. It was Outreach Sunday at our church, and I was assigned to do the children's sermon on the topic. It's a great lesson for kids, and so important to start young. We talked about people we've heard of that do big things. Sometimes it can seem like what we do doesn't make a difference at all. When we have only a little, we can give only a little. But those little bits add up, whether we're sharing those gifts in our own community, or our state, or our country, or the world.

Serving on the Outreach Board has really been eye opening to me. I always tried to make it a point to give back, but this opportunity opened my eyes to all the ways we can do that. We have the resources to spread our gifts out, and it's been fascinating to see how we can help right across to the street, to across the ocean.

Obviously, for kids, it's so much easier for them to see their gifts working in their community. My kids have gotten to see not only people donating, but people who make the effort to work in the community. Gathering items that the adults can bring to the homeless. Bringing food to the food bank. For us, it's important to make sure that the money we give is stretching far and really working. There are so many non-profits that maximize their impact, and a little research can show the way. When Madison and I talk about where to share her money, we look together for the best place to help the causes that mean the most to her.

Sometimes, it's real hands on help that's needed!

Sometimes, it's making sure that every child has a lucky holiday.

We also talked about how sometimes, when you are feeling like you aren't enough in some way, that you find someone to give to. If you are feeling left out, find someone to include. If you are feeling like you need kindness, find someone to give kindness to. If you feel like you don't have much, find someone to give to. When we give, we feel stronger. Better. It takes our eyes off our worries, and lets us know we have strength to share. Sometimes you need help and sometimes you are the helper. All lives ebb and flow in this way, and learning about the whole process helps develop compassion.

Learning about money is a process. Whenever money comes their way, they are supposed to allocate into three : spend, save and donate. This helps teach them about budgeting and “everyday money” which is the money leftover after you pay your necessary monthly expenses like bills, rent and food. This leftover money, the "everyday money" can be allocated into spend, save and donate. And while it might seem like SPEND would bring immediate gratification, SAVE is also satisfying and DONATE brings happiness.

Did you know that Capital One has teamed with renowned Boston photoblogger, Jesse Burke, to launch the second chapter of ‘Everyday Money Boston’ – a program that highlights individuals around the Boston community by showcasing the most meaningful ways in which they use their money? Capital One believes in supporting its customers in the areas of life that are most meaningful to them–such as the philanthropic deeds they’re devoting to their communities, using their own everyday money. This holiday season, Capital One Everyday Money Boston  will celebrate local heroes and shine a light on the efforts these Bostonians are making to better their city with money from their very own pockets. And, of course, there are ways to give back even if money is short like my kids. I’d love to hear how you are giving back this holiday season! Please share!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.
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