Sunday, November 22, 2015

Motion Sickness - Managing Road Trips

When I was little, one of the things I remember most from our road trips was my sister wailing from her seat "my tuuuuuummmmmy hurts".

I remember being so irritated that my sister got to dictate how far the windows got to be open, even on a freezing day. She got to sip soda or suck on candy or hold my mother's hand diagonally from the front seat, all to make sure her precious tummy was ok. I really didn't get it. I'd never suffered from any sort of car sickness, so it felt a little attention grabbing to me.

By the way, it bears noting that another memory I have is my mother proudly taking us out in her brand new car, and my sister immediately throwing up all over the back seat. This may be a real memory, this may be a family legend, but her motion sickness was a respected beast we didn't challenge.

Then I grew up. On of the first things Adam and I did on our honeymoon was take a glass bottom boat ride in the Caribbean. Paradise...romantic...not so much. Adam instantly learned that the sickness part of the vows was now. He spent the entire boat ride rubbing my back and encouraging me to not look at the fish swimming through the turquoise water, but at the horizon so my poor stomach would stop heaving.

After two pregnancies, my stomach got worse. I now have to deal with motion sickness when I fly, go on a boat, and even, yes, when we're in the car. As a kid I may have had my nose buried in a book to try and block out my sister's whimpers, but as an adult we found out that I can't even navigate on my smart phone - that is too much reading for me.

Since I'm not down with having to be the only driver in the family, I've figured out some things that really do work. I'm guest posting on Premier Mazda today about how to handle a passenger who may be prone to motion sickness.

And don't judge. It may be you next.

(In case you're interested, I've included links to some of the solutions that may be tricky to find. Check them out!

Any tricks I may have missed?

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