Friday, November 6, 2015

What Every Mom Needs in Her Car

I'm on a car organization tear these days! It's my way of getting ready for winter. In the spring, I don't feel like cleaning, but in the fall, I start preparing any and all nest we have to make sure we can snuggle up when the weather turns.

From my early days, I've always been a "be prepared" mom. NOTHING gets me feeling more flustered than when I find myself caught unprepared for whatever comes up on the road.

I'm over at Robert's Chrysler Dodge today talking about stocking your car when you have young kids so you are prepared for anything! If you're interested in any of the products I mentioned, here are a few Amazon links.

Potette (my favorite travel potty)

Potette liners (much better than plastic bags!)

Melissa and Doug crayons (they don't roll!)

Reusable wet bags

Kid Friendly First Aid Kit 

Stand up tote bag (mine is actually from 31, but I've seen some less expensive replicas popping up).

Are you like me, nesting as you prepare for hibernation? What's in your trunk?

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